MWR Saves Money


Morale, Welfare, and Recreation is a body that works together across all military branches to help military family members. The body offers leisure and recreation activities at more affordable prices. They aim to provide these families with lives similar to the rest of the civilians. MRW services vary depending on the military base, location, and capacity of each military base. However, it is common in all military bases to receive free or price-reduced services and activities, thus saving your money. Let we discussed about ‘MWR Saves Money’.

MWR Saves Money

Ways In Which MWR Saves Money!

Military, welfare, and recreation help you save money in the following ways.

Fitness Facilities

MWR offers fitness facilities that you can access with an MWR pass. These fitness facilities offer you a vast range of activities you can engage in, including individual and group fitness activities. Also, you enjoy nutrition education, swimming activities, and sports like football and soccer. When you have free access to MWR, you will enjoy these activities any day and save a lot of cash in the long run!


 Do you love bowling? Well, most military centers have installations where you can enjoy rounds of bowling with your friends. Also, you can host a party in the place and interact with a bowling team or league. Recently, records have shown that military centers have over 80 army bowling areas. These bowling centers are distributed across the United States, Japan, Korea, and Europe, among other regions. Take advantage of this opportunity, enjoy bowling and save your money. 

Conference Halls and Centers

We know that hiring a hall for a conference or event can be expensive. However, if you have access to MWR services, you can relax as it cuts down on your costs. Army MWR offers you great and affordable spaces that you can rent for your events. 

Childcare Services

With MWR childcare services, you can forget to look for another childcare facility across the country. At many MWR installations, you will get access to childcare, youth, and school activities for your children. The cost in these facilities is much lower compared to other child care outlets. 

Auto Repair Services

Military troops and their families get to enjoy discounted vehicle repairs from MWR. The facilities offer vehicle lifts and tools that you would find useful when experiencing car problems. The auto-repair costs are cut, and you would need less money for different fixes. For instance, you need 6 dollars per hour to get the job done for the service bay and 12 dollars an hour for lift bad. If you need to replace your tire, you will need 8 dollars per tire for sizes 13’’ to 17’’ and 20 dollars per tire for 18’’ to 22’’. 


Have you just arrived at your new duty station? If you do not like hotel settings, MWR offers other accommodation centers like cabins, cottages, and lodges you can spend a weekend in. Staying this close to a military installation saves your money as you do not have to spend on travel costs. Furthermore, you can spend several nights in these centers during weekend getaways or vacations. 

Leisure Activities You Can Enjoy From MWR

You can enjoy various guided activities, tours, and trips from MRW centers. However, these activities vary with each base and depending on your nearest installation, and you can enjoy one of the following activities;


Enjoy camping with your family and close friends at cost-friendly rates. Organize your trip today and have fun!

Nature Hikes

Who wouldn’t love a refreshing nature experience? If you want to enjoy the beauty of mother nature, a nature hike is an adventure you would want to try. MWR gives you this opportunity for a guided nature hike at affordable prices. Besides the above, MWR offers others guided activities, including; deep-sea fishing, mountain biking, golf tournaments, cycling, boating, surfing, and sailing. Add to your list of adventures with this list of activities and enjoy the discounted prices. 

Can Anyone Benefit From MWR Services?

MWR services are open to all military members, whether active or retired, and their family members. The services aim to provide a life close to normal civilians to these families. Also, MWR extends its services to any soldier who may be struggling in any form. 

Are There Military Recreation Checkout Benefits?

Military bases offer checkout benefits for military families. There are recreation checkouts for Marines, Outdoor recreation for the Navy, and equipment checkout for the army. Recreation checkout saves you money as you enjoy parties and trips with your loved ones. On the other hand, outdoor recreation saves you space as the base provides maintenance and storage for your equipment. Equipment checkout also saves you time as the base caters to cleaning and providing the equipment within a short period. 


MWR allows military members and their families to enjoy various recreational activities at affordable prices. The centers provide them with opportunities to enjoy a normal life as they serve to defend other civilians. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why is MWR important?

MRW carters for the needs and interests of military members and their families. Whether active or retired, all military troops benefit from the program.

  • When did MWR Begin Its operations?

MWR was brought into action in 1895 t provide support and leisure activities for its members and Saves Money.

MWR Saves Money

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