Newark Airport Lost and Found

Newark airport is an international airport serving the New York Metropolitan Area and New Jersey.   It is located nine miles southwest of Manhattan, and is the second biggest airport in the New York Metropolitan area, after New York John F. Kennedy International Airport. The cities of Newark (Essex County) and Elizabeth (Union County) jointly own the airport and have leased the airport to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, the authority in charge of the airport operations. We will be seeing about Newark airport lost and found in this article.

Newark Airport

Newark being one the largest airports in the United States, authorities have to attend to several inconveniences and problems travellers have to face. Loss of items is one of the major problems faced by passengers flying through Newark. The Newark Lost and Found policy and the Lost and Found helpdesk are there to handle such cases and help the passengers retrieve. their items. Two ways are using which passengers can report their missing belongings. The passenger can either visit the Lost and found office in the airport and d report it in person or submit an online form which is available on the airport’s website. While filling out the online form the passengers should fill it out in the most efficient manner so that it becomes easier for the officials to track the lost item.

Mandatory fields which have to be filled for submitting the online form:

  1. The passenger’s cell phone number and email address
  2. The airline with which the passenger was traveling with
  3. The particular airport terminal 
  4. Details about the place where the passengers feel he or she last saw the item.
  5. An extensive and detailed description of the item which was lost   

Places where items can be lost and who are in charge of finding it:

Newark is a very big international airport with multiple extensive terminals. Thousands of flights fly in and more than a million passengers use this airport daily.  To make sure passengers do not face any trouble due to misinformation and miscommunication in case of an item being lost, the authorities of Newark have specifically mentioned whom to communicate to if the items have been lost in different parts of the airport.

1) The Newark Lost and Found office is in charge of finding items that have been lost in the airport terminals, curb side areas, airport shuttles, and parking lots. 

2) The airline company with which the passenger was flying is responsible for finding any item that has been lost in the aircraft.

3) The Transportation Security Administration is in charge of finding items that were lost at its security checkpoints. For assistance, one should contact them at (908) 787-0667.

4) If the item is lost in a rent-a-door car/shuttle/door shuttles between gates/taxis then the company providing those services is in charge of finding the item.

Things to keep in mind to prevent losing things in Newark airport:

The airport authorities are there to help a passenger in case of an item is lost. However, it is also the passengers’ responsibility to be watchful and take precautionary measures to prevent such things from happening.:

  1. Valuable items such as jewelry, money, and credit cards should be kept inside the inner jacket pocket or carry-on.
  2. Important items like medicine, business papers, and electronic devices like cell phones and laptops should be by the passenger’s side all the time.
  3. Luggage should have a tag with the name, email address, and phone number of the traveling passenger.
  4. Usage of brightly colored luggage with distinguishable tags is suggested so that it is easier to spot.
  5. A tracking device is suggested to be used so that the whereabouts of the luggage can be tracked.


The Newark airport despite being one of the busiest airports in the United States has provided its passengers with helpful information and assistance in the case of an item being lost. The respected authorities are very professional and have provided an ample amount of information to avoid any kind of miscommunication. They are very swift to react and usually retrieve the item very fast. The lost and found policy has described the required steps simply, making it easier for the passengers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do retrieve the items from the airport?    

Answer- The concerned department on finding the item will contact the passenger through the details that were submitted by him and then provide the further steps and place to pick up . 

  1. Is the Newark airport Lost and found in charge of items lost at the TSA checkpoint?

Answer- The TSA themselves are responsible for anything that is lost in their checkpoint area.    To contact them, one can call on- (908) 787-0667.         

  1. Till what time is the Newark Lost and Found office open?

Answer- It is open for passengers between 9 AM and 5 PM on weekdays.

Newark Airport Lost and Found

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