What Channel Is National Geographic On Dish? – Know More

National Geographic is an American television network that was launched in the year 2001, 21 years ago. It was formerly known as the National Geographical Channel (2001-2016) and is owned by the National Geographic Global Network unit of Disney Entertainment. It is known and broadcast worldwide. Its headquarter is in New York City; Walt Disney and National Geographic are in partnership as joint ventures and hold shares with a certain percentage. Let’s Know What Channel Is National Geographic On Dish.

What Channel Is National Geographic On Dish

The Channel of National Geographic on Dish is available on channel 186; subscribe to Dish to get unlimited content and get National Geographic to watch your favorite show.

What is the short form of National Geographic?

National Geographic has abbreviated NAT GEO or NAT GEO TV. Its accepted by many audiences and loves its shows.

What is National Geographic Wild?

National Geographic Wild  known as NAT GEO Wild is a part of National Geographic Television which specializes in showing animals; different aspects of animal lifestyles. This channel also shows the national history; this makes you as an individual be current and knowledge about wildlife. It is an interesting journey to start.

What Does National Geographic Display To Their Audience?

National Geographic Television Network shows national history, documentaries, and many knowledgeable shows that make you wonder, curious, excited, current, and stick to the channel.

National Geographic Shows

National Geographic brings interesting TV shows to your screen. Some of their shows are listed below:

  • Sky Monsters
  • The ‘80s: The Decade that Made Us
  • Wild Amazon
  • Ultimate Survival Alaska

There are many shows that have graced National Geographic TV; have over 1 million views on National Geographic, some shows have been ranked as the best, second shows which have brought National Geographic to where it is.


Dish is an American Public screen provider, which is also known as Dish Network and was launched in 2008 and was named EchoStar Communications before its current name. It provides wireless services and has over 1000 dishes. It has grown to over 11 million subscribers.

How Do I know Dish Is Available In my Country?

If you have decided to get Dish, make sure you make the necessary research to get your cable TV Provider.

Channel 186 on Dish

National Geographic is one of the Channels available on the dish and can be found on channel 186. You have come to the right place. Have a nice time.

How Can I Watch Dish at My Convenience?

You can get the Dish Network app at your convenience on your mobile phone; it can be downloaded on any type of device like your smartphone, laptop, and so on. You can navigate the buttons on the mobile app and get entertained with your favorite show. National Geographic can be searched and found, and watched on your devices; no shows will be missed as you have it anywhere you are.

Is the Dish app Free?

Dish Network app is free to download on your various devices mentioned before; get the right information to be on the track. Have a strong internet connection and get the app without obstruction.

Dish Subscription Policy

The subscription varies; it depends on the plan you choose. You can visit their website and know their plans. Every plan has its TV counts, which means some channels won’t be available for some plans. Make sure you pick the plan with National Geographic to enjoy. Their prices are attached to various plans.

National Geographic Platforms

National Geographic is on social media platforms namely; Instagram, Twitter, and the rest. They have their website for you to explore amazing videos and pictures.

Benefits of Watching National Geographic

The Television Network shows a lot of educative things. It makes you current and diversifies in other areas than your restricted field of study. History can never be forgotten in National Geographic; you can stand confidently and talk about various things.

National Geographic Magazine

The National Geographic magazine is consistent had over 35 million patronized the magazine. National Geographic is popular for its awesome shows over the years. Now that you know the channel on the dish, you have it to yourself.

How Do I Subscribe To Dish?

Visit their website and check for payments and choose to program. Know more about it on their website to enjoy their services. The processes are easy, hurry up to join the National Geographic family.

How Do I Get My Complaints to Dish?

Dish Network has made it easy for subscribers to contact the call center without stress; their numbers are displayed on their website.

National Geographic is qualified and has been consistent over the years with documentaries narrated by extraordinary people. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is National Geographic restricted to a certain age?

The TV Network is friends to all age groups and has programs for all.


Nat geo is a very popular channel ,and also preferred by the americans. this broadcasting channel has a huge viewership not only in the USA but also in th whole world. 

What Channel Is National Geographic On Dish? – Know More

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