Why Are Crocs So Expensive?


Crocs is an American footwear company that primarily focuses on providing excellent quality footwear products that offer a high level of comfort and quality. The various footwear offered by them are shoes, clogs, sandals, and boots for both men and women at great deals. Let us know ‘Why Are Crocs So Expensive?’

Why Are Crocs So Expensive?

Why Are Crocs So Expensive?

This successful organization was founded by Lyndon Duke Hanson in the year 2002 and now it’s one of the top leading brands that offer footwear products. 

Crocs footwear is expensive because it is made of a unique resin called croslite. This resin is responsible for the comfort that the footwear gives and is highly durable for a longer period than compared with other products. They also provide a waterproof warranty and it is breathable. That is, it allows the feet to breathe and completely drain out the water that is present. And the major reason for its cost is that the croslite resins have to be made by themselves, which is a multistep process.

Category Of Products Provided By Them

Crocs provide various footwear products for both men and women, which are listed below.

Casual shoes



Heels and sportswear



Crocs offer top-quality footwear that is suitable for all sizes of both men and women, approximately ranging from four to 12 inches in size and they also offer various colors that suit best in their looks. They provide the proper fitness that is required for the customer’s feet according to their size and give comfort. They also provide student Discount on Crocs

Sales And Offers At crocs 

15% extra coupons


Credit or debit cards 

New users

12% through online banking

Free shipping

90 days warranty

15% Extra Coupons

This offer is available at crocs.com, which gives 15% off the original price. It can be applied only once and it’s not applicable for previous purchases.

90 Days Warranty

Crocs offer customers a warranty card while the purchase enables them to return or refund their footwear if something gets damaged and this warranty is available for 90 days. 

Free Delivery

Sometimes people tend to face the issue of paying extra only for the delivery charge that is above the expected amount to break this discomfort, crocs company offers free and safe delivery of products that are ordered by the customers if the order is placed above 3000 rupees. This is beneficial for the customers as they tend to save some extra money.

New Users

Crocs offer 10% offers or Discount for new customers on their first order.

No Cost EMI

Equated monthly installments are a payment option that is made monthly-wise with a fixed amount of money. Here, the customers purchase particular offers and they tend to pay the amount at regular intervals monthly. Generally, if they fail to make payment on time, then interest is applied to them, but if the customer is a member of an online selling platform like Amazon, Snap Deal, Flipkart, etc. Then they get a no-cost EMI option. That is, they need not have to pay interest to the banks and tend to pay only the EMI monthly.

Usage Of Credit Cards 

They offer a 20% discount on your orders if the payment is made using credit cards. This is a beneficiary to the banks as they get the rate of interest if the customer fails to pay the due.

12% Offer On Internet Banking

Crocs offer12% offers if payments are done through online internet banking or UPI payments.


Now we have learnt “Why Are Crocs So Expensive?”, Crocs are one of the leading footwear stores worldwide. This company provides the best quality foot wares products that are suitable for all foot sizes of both men and women. They also offer kids wear in various colors and better quality. The reason for the success of this footwear company is that they prepare their resin for production, which offers highly durable and flexible products. Also, water-resistant footwear is available which completely drains out water and enhances its quality.

Frequently Asked Questions 
  1. Is crock footwear worth the money?

Yes, crocs give you completely high-quality and durable products that are also water-resistant and flexible with a soft and comfortable quality rather than being rigid.

  1. Is the croc slipper made of rubber or quality leather?

Crocs are made of a special type of resin called croslite that gives a rubbery appearance and quality.

  1. Do crocs slippers last for years?

The company gives you a 9-month warranty on the product and it may exceed more too. It all depends on how often it is used.

  1. What is special about crocs?

The water-resistant quality, highly durable color, and flexibility are all the qualities that make the products unique from other brands.

  1. Is free shipping available at crocs?

Yes, free shipping is available at crocs only if the order exceeds 3000.

Why Are Crocs So Expensive?

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