Can You Return Assembled Furniture To IKEA?

IKEA is one of the largest furniture industries founded by Ingvar Kamprad in 1943 which is 78 years ago in Sweden. IKEA is a multinational retail company specializing in ready-to-sell furniture, Kitchen appliances, home appliances, and many more home and goods services. IKEA not only focuses on selling pre-assembled furniture but also designs the furniture to be assembled by the customer. Know more about Can You Return Assembled Furniture To IKEA?

Can You Return Assembled Furniture To IKEA?

IKEA launched a loyalty card which is known as the “IKEA Family” to their customers, this card is free for all the customers to gain discounts on the specific products available in the store which is available worldwide.

IKEA also publishes and sells magazines in association with the card generally known as IKEA Family Live, which is generated quarterly in thirteen languages. IKEA also developed an online application known as IKEA Place for apple and iOS to help consumers to buy products from any corner of the world.

IKEA is also famous for featuring its large and beautiful showrooms in various Hollywood movies like the American movie 500 days of summer features the main hero in the IKEA store. IKEA is always known for its classy and unique design furniture for the customer to make their dream home attractive.

Can you return assembled furniture?

Yes, you can return the assembled furniture to the IKEA store or online within 180 days from the date of purchase. We will accept your item and give you a refund in the form of the original payment method within 60 days. IKEA may give you a partial or full refund with the original receipt of the product or replace the product with a new product.

How to return the assembled product?

Step-1: Firstly, the customer should have the original invoice of the product to return or exchange.

Step-2: The product should be in good condition; it should not be damaged for return.

Step-3: If you want a full refund of your product then you should have your id proof, Bank card (if used), and the goods have not been assembled and it is in their original packaging.

Step-4: If the product is assembled by the customer, then the customer may get a partial or full refund depending upon the company’s policy.

Step-5: If the customer wants to return the product online, then the customer has to share the picture of the product and the invoice with our customer care center.

Step-6: Once your return is accepted, our delivery man will pick up your assembled product from your home. Your refund will be initiated within 60 days. 

What is the product Durability?

IKEA provides you with the biggest range of furniture as well as home appliances worldwide. It maintains the quality of the product to always makes our customers happy and gives them a reliable and durable product to decorate their homes beautifully. If there is any damage after delivering the product you can change or replace the product with the new one.

What is the Refund Process?

Once the refund is initiated by the company, our team will check the damages to the product. If the product was already damaged before delivery, then we will replace you with the new product, but if it is damaged by you then the refund will be according to the company’s policy. The damaged product mainly refunds the partial amount of the product as it is damaged by the customers.

What is the design we manufacture?

IKEA is very popular for making antique designs of various types of furniture. The items which are manufactured at IKEA are eco-friendly and come within your budget and always known for its continuous development of the products which lowers the price of its product by two to three percent. The IKEA products and their unique designs are available through the inline application IKEA Place which is very helpful to get the latest designs at home


IKEA is a very well-known home furnishing company that provides all the necessary household appliances which are mainly designed for the customers to assemble on their own. IKEA provides the best facility to return the assembled furniture within 60 days with a very easy processor.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the time duration for returning the assembled furniture for the IKEA membership card holder?

Answer: 90 days are given to the membership card holder.

  1. Will I get a full refund of the assembled furniture but not have an invoice?

Answer: No, without the original invoice it is not possible to return the product at the store.

How can I get a full refund for my product?

  1. Answer: If you have the ID, Invoice, undamaged product, and product is in its original packaging condition.
  2. Can I replace my product after 180 days?

Answer: No, you cannot replace your product after 180 days from the date of invoice.

Can You Return Assembled Furniture To IKEA?

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