What Division Is Holmes Community College?

Holmes Community College is a comprehensive developmental institution that offers more than 250 degree and certificate programs in 25 distinct subjects. HCC has five campuses, including its main campus in Goodman, Mississippi. Along with academics, Holmes CC is also home to the Bulldogs, a couple of great athletic teams. Let us know more about What Division Is Holmes Community College?

What Division Is Holmes Community College?

Holmes CC is known for its three academic divisions: (i) Education, Business, and Leadership, (ii) Social and Behavioral Science, and (iii) History and Political Science. HCC is also under National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) Division I and II.

The Academic Divisions Of Holmes Community College

Holmes Community College has five campuses 

  • Goodman Campus, Goodman (Main Campus), 
  • Grenada Center, Grenada, 
  • Ridgeland Campus, Ridgeland, 
  • Kosciusko – Attala Educational Center/Workforce Development, Kosciusko, 
  • Yazoo Center, Yazoo City.

In ‘Social and Behavioral Science’, Psychology, Sociology, Public Administration, Social, Parks, Recreation, Leisure, and Fitness Studies Work programs are taught. In the ‘Education, Business, and Leadership’ division Business, Management, Marketing, Communication, Journalism, English Language, Literature/Letters, Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics subjects are taught. There is also a History and Political Science division.

Besides these, Holmes Community College offers various subjects from STEM courses. Some of them are Agriculture, Agriculture Operations, Biomedical Sciences, Information Science, Engineering, Health Professions, Mathematics, Statistics, Natural Resources, and Conservation, Physical Sciences, Transportation, and Materials Moving.

Other courses include Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, Firefighting, Legal studies, Liberal Arts and Sciences, General Studies and Humanities, Visual and Performing Arts, Culinary Services, etc.

The Athletic Division Of Holmes CC

The academic divisions of HCC provide students with a variety of chances to build the skills necessary for professional success in academics. Holmes CC’s position in NJCAA  Division I and II, allows HCC’s students to prosper in different sports. HCC’s mascot is the Bulldogs.

This two-year community college has 9 teams across 6 sports. An overview of the teams is given below

  • Tennis 
    • Division – NJCAA I
    • Team – Men’s and Women’s
  • Baseball 
    • Division – NJCAA II
    • Team – Men’s
  • Basketball
    • Division – NJCAA I
    • Team – Men’s and Women’s
  • Football
    • Division – NJCAA I
    • Team – Men’s
  • Softball
    • Division – NJCAA II
    • Team – Women’s
  • Soccer
    • Division – NJCAA I
    • Team – Men’s and Women’s

Why Holmes Community College?

Holmes Community College is a great choice for students looking to transfer to a four-year university. For starters, the college has an excellent reputation and is frequently ranked as one of the best community colleges in America. 

Furthermore, Holmes offers many programs that are not available at other four-year universities, including degrees in health sciences (including nursing), computer programming, business administration/management, criminal justice/law enforcement studies, and more.

Most importantly, you’ll enjoy your time here. The faculty are experienced professionals who will help you reach your goals., so don’t wait and take advantage of our outstanding program selection today.

Furthermore, HCC offers many student opportunities, including support services such as academic advising and career counseling. And finally, HCC has strong partnerships with local businesses which allows you to gain real-world experience while still studying.

How To Apply At Holmes Community College

If you are interested in studying at Holmes Community College, please follow these simple steps:

  • Create a MyHC account to access restricted areas of our website, including the application process and course listings. If you already have an HC online account, please sign in.
  • Once you have created your MyHC account, apply and complete the Online Application Form (OAF). You will need to upload transcripts if they are available and answer some questions about your academic history.
  • Remember that all documents must be legible; fonts should be adjusted for easy reading on computer screens. Please also include contact information for any referees who can speak to your academic qualifications directly.
  • After completing the OAF, submit it electronically via a secure server or print out and mail it along with required documentation (transcripts/contact info from referees) to the Office of Admissions

Once all of these components of your application have been submitted, the college will review them carefully and decide whether or not we would like to contact you further regarding an interview or enrollment opportunity at our institution. 


In the blog post, the details of the academic and athletic divisions of Holmes Community College are mentioned. If you are looking for a comprehensive overview of all that’s been going on, you can visit HCC’s official website and book a tour where you can explore it in more depth. But overall on every front, it is definitely a great place to get yourself enrolled in.


  1. What is the ranking of Holmes Community College?

    According to the 2016 US News and World Report rankings, it ranks #303 out of 473 colleges and universities in the United States.
  2. How much is the tuition at HCC?

    The average annual tuition for undergraduate programs is $24,752 and the average annual tuition for graduate programs is $37,472.
  3. Is Holmes Community College a good college?

    Holmes Community College may not be a name that is familiar to you, but it could be a great option for you if you are looking for an affordable community college.
  4. Can I get scholarships at HCC?

    Scholarships may be available through the school’s admissions office or through various programs that benefit students with distinctive talents or backgrounds. 
What Division Is Holmes Community College?

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