How Long Do Converse Last?

Being aware of the longevity of the pair of shoes you are about to buy is very important. Before making a purchase, it is vital to be well informed and to have a realistic expectation of how the shoes will function over time. An overview of the lifespan of sneakers is given in this article. With regular use, Converse lasts 18 to 24 months. Converse can survive for many years without significant sole and canvas deterioration with moderate wear and adequate maintenance. Converse will only last a year or less if worn for athletic purposes. However, there are some methods you can adopt to make them last longer.

How Long Do Converse Last?

The converse should last much longer if you only use them for light daily tasks and avoid wearing them when exercising. Regular jogging or running will cause Converse’s gum rubber soles to deteriorate significantly more quickly, cutting their lifespan to no more than a year.

Converse shoes are tough and were made for athletics in the beginning. In light of this, they function admirably as sports shoes but won’t last as long as when worn just for casual purposes. Converse will last longer for you if you make sure they are the ideal fit. Converse that are too tight will stretch and eventually put stress on the canvas and glue, while Converse that are too loose will slide around, causing the soles to sustain more damage.

The results will differ based on the person wearing the footwear. Some people’s larger footfalls or tendency to drag their feet when walking causes the rubber soles to wear out more quickly.

How To Make Converse Last Longer

Here are some quick tips on making shoes last longer:

  • Your shoes can last much longer if you decide to resolve them or use Converse safe adhesive to repair a gap between the canvas and sole.
  • Converse can last even longer if they are cleaned.
  • If you want the soles of your shoes to last longer, stay away from running or climbing on rough terrain.

Cleaning Your Converse

Converse sneakers can last longer if dirt and debris are removed. Cleaning prevents stains and gets rid of any nasty chemicals that can wear down the canvas top or the gum rubber soles on your sneakers from being worn outside.

Here’s how to properly clean your Converse so that they last a long time.

  • Test First.

Before cleaning the entire product for the first time, try a tiny area first, just in case the cleaner or method doesn’t perform as intended and leaves the product stained.

  • Rub With Soap and Water.

Avoid using a washing machine if you can. Your canvas sneakers can be cleaned with mild soap and warm water. Rub the shoes with a moist towel, being careful not to damage the surface. Use a toothbrush or other tiny brush to clean the rubber base and toe cap of the shoe.

  • Let Dry.

Never even consider using your hair dryer to expedite the procedure because it won’t assist keep your shoes lasting longer. Fill the shoes with paper to reshape them before letting them dry outside, replacing the filler if the paper becomes damp during the process.

Maintaining your shoes regularly will extend their lifespan and prevent chemicals or dirt from degrading the glue holding the sneakers together.

Best Glue For Shoes

There are several gum rubber safe glues you can use if you want to repair broken Converse at home to increase their lifespan.

The adhesive that is intended for binding rubber and canvas works well for sneakers. For best results, glue made specifically for shoes is advised.

You could always use super glue or gorilla glue, but to be on the safe side, it’s advisable to choose a solution that is made specifically for the job.

Apply glue to any areas where the canvas is separating from the rubber sole, and then bind the Converse with tape or twine to keep everything together while the adhesive dries.

You can return your Converse shoes to the manufacturer within the terms of the guarantee if the adhesive between the canvas and sole is coming away.

Can You Resole Converse?

A skilled shoe repair shop can resolve Converse for a comparatively low price. Resole your Converse professionally to give them fresh life, or use shoe adhesive to fix less-damaged Converse yourself.

If you are unable to visit a store in person, there are several shoe repair options today, including postal shoe repair.


A pair of converse usually lasts for about 18 to 24 months. But of course, its longevity would depend on the wearer. There are, however, many ways to increase the lifespan of your converse. These methods include proper cleaning, a proper walking pattern, the use of the right materials for repair, and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Converse shoes fade?

Black shoes are made of canvas, which is prone to fading, therefore using the right cleaning methods is essential to preserving the shoe’s brilliant color rather than fading it. Avoid using washing machines since they are extremely harsh on your shoes.

Can I clean Converse with toothpaste?

Cleaning white-soled sneakers is a breeze using non-gel white toothpaste. Use an old toothbrush to apply toothpaste, then scrub the paste into the soiled areas. After around ten minutes, let the toothpaste on the shoes and remove it with a moist towel.

How Long Do Converse Last?

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