Does Skrill Accept Bitcoin? – And Know More

Skrill and bitcoin go hand in hand, as one seeks to dominate the paper note currency and the other the blockchain market. Skrill and bitcoin are used for online payments and are used interchangeably. In this article we will know, does Skrill accept bitcoin?

Does Skrill Accept Bitcoin? Lets See

Does Skrill Accept Bitcoin?

Yes, Skrill does accept bitcoin. Its users can buy, sell, make payments, or transfer bitcoins using their skrill accounts, all at the click of a button. One must have stable internet access to use the platform. Here is why Skrill accepts bitcoin. 

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How to Access Bitcoin on Skrill.

Step 1: Open a Skrill Account.

New users open an account using an email address, preferably Gmail. The user may decide to link his account with a bank account, crypto wallet, or mobile money transfer. 

Step 2: Make a Money Deposit.

A user can choose any of the various means provided in the skrill platform, according to the user’s preference. It is vital to confirm the amount deposited to the account before confirming. 

Step 3: Select and Purchase Bitcoin.

Once the money transfer is complete, the user proceeds to select the bitcoin purchase option. The crypto tab is chosen. The user selects bitcoin and enters the amount of bitcoin to buy. On that account, skrill calculates the amount of money to be spent on the purchase. Lastly, the user confirms the payment before the trade is complete. A payment window called Bitpanda pops up and displays the overview of transactions, including the deposit fee.

Step 4: Phone or SMS Verification.

This step is vital as it aids in elevating securing levels. The user may opt to get a phone call with the number provided during verification or a simple text message, ensuring only account owners access their Bitpanda accounts, even without having their phones. As a result, this protects from various cons like theft of passwords. 

Step 5: Skrill Account Details Confirmation.

The user enters the account details and confirms the transaction once again. The Bitpanda platform eventually processes the payment, resulting in the availability of bitcoins in the user’s account.

How to Transfer Bitcoins from Skrill to Other Crypto Wallets.

To accomplish this, one needs to:

  • Log into the Skrill account.
  • Ensure there is enough bitcoin for transfer. If not, a refill is required.
  • Key in the amount.
  • Select the wallet to transfer the cryptocurrency.
  • Check if the wallet and the amount are correct.
  • Confirm the transfer.

How Users Can Transfer Bitcoins Amongst Themselves Easily.

The platform enables its users to transfer bitcoins amongst themselves with minimal effort, saving time and transactional costs. To successfully transfer bitcoins using this method:

Step 1: Select the Deposit Option.

The user first clicks the upload button after logging in. A tab pops up showing all the available options. The user proceeds to select “bitcoin instant upload” and clicks on the continue button at the foot of the window.

Step 2: Enter the Deposit Amount.

The user chooses the amount to transfer to another Skrill account. Despite the standard limit being 500 euros with a fee of 1% of the transaction, the limit is subject to change based on the user’s nation of residence or verification status. Users are highly encouraged to complete verifying their accounts to raise their transactional limits.

Step 3: Progress with the Transfer.

The bit payment processing page appears. Information related to transfer progress is displayed. One can opt to use the barcode provided or the “copy and paste URL” option in the transfer. Confirmation of the correct amount of bitcoin transfer is vital. 

Step 4: Completion of The Transfer. 

After making the transfer, the page is automatically closed. The user account overview page appears. The transfer takes a few minutes to one business day for the transfer to be completed, rarely does it take more than a few hours to be completed. The transfer status indicates “pending” till fully processed.


Skrill enables its users to access and transfer bitcoins with minimal effort at any geographical location globally. With multiple methods of purchasing bitcoins, the acquisition of bitcoins is made easier as the process is easy and more convenient. The platform uses multiple improved currency conversion rates in the purchase of bitcoins. Charge-back protection and one-touch payment services are offered for every transaction. 

Frequently Asked Questions.
  1. Can someone access Skrill in Kenya?

Answer: Unfortunately, Skrill is not available in Kenya. However, it is still possible to deposit money into your Skrill account using your preferred bank with your local currency.

  1. How safe is Skrill?

Answer: Skrill is a safe method of payment. The Financial Conduct Authority Regulates the platform and complies with very strict rules and regulations, making sure users’ money is always safe and secure.

  1. When was Skrill founded?

Answer: Skrill was founded on 27th July 2001 in London as Moneybookers, a digital wallet provider. 

Does Skrill Accept Bitcoin? – And Know More

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