What are Best Gifts for Friends Under $100? 

Gifts can be a beautiful gesture for your loved ones. They are a sign of connection and partnership between two people. Sometimes they are given on special occasions while sometimes they just have the purpose of making someone happy. People have different choices and love certain kinds of gifts. Some people might be specific while many people just appreciate the gesture! Here we will discuss what are the best gifts for friends under $100.

What are Best Gifts for Friends Under $100? 

It is important to make sure the choice of gift is not only fine and appropriate but also affordable. Gifting someone is not a difficult task but requires a lot of thinking. However, some gifts can be too expensive and their alternatives might not be worth a shot. In that case, one has to search for something which can solve the purpose and meet the demands. It is a blessing that there are some great options out there in the market which are inexpensive but precious. 

Finding the Best Gifts for friends under $100

Gifts are specific to whom they belong. They range from the category of vintage to trendy depending on the person receiving them. It is a great deal among friends. You cannot give the first thing you come across. Looks like an ordeal but that is not true. Here are some amazing gift ideas which are affordable and under the price of $100. 

1. Customized keychains – The key to their heart! 

Keychains are a highly useful gift. They can be used everyday and can remind you of someone every day. They can even be a small version of a great memory. The best part is that one can get it customized in the shape, size, and color they want.

2. Plant – To grow the bond you have! 

Plant lovers will not be any less excited to add one more plant to their garden. A small Jade plant is a great gift in that case. However, there is a wide range of different plants. There are also various kinds of pots that can give an aesthetic look. They serve the purpose of adding positivity to someone’s life and can be precious to those who care about them. 

3. LED Lamps- To be the light of their life! 

LED lights are very well received and in vogue because of their affordable prices and customizable looks. They can be a great deal to someone who is into lights and loves decorating their surroundings. The best part of giving an LED bulb is that it can stay for a longer time and can be used often. 

4. Something Vintage- To bring the old times back to life! Vintage gifts are evergreen. It can be a great gift to those who are into history and love collecting things that are unique and priceless. However, it is a difficult task to find something which is both affordable and vintage. But there are lots of options too. All you have to do is find a nice antique store. 

5. Mini-Instant camera- To capture the best moments! Cameras can be a great gift to those who have an interest in photography. They are easily carried anywhere and are quite handy. They are cost-effective and available easily but that is not it. The look is also interesting and trendy 

6. First edition of their favorite book- To remind them how it all started!

Bookworms will love the idea of having the oldest version of their favorite book. It reminds them of their happy past and their love for reading. In addition to that, it also says how much you know that person. Such gifts need not be in their best forms and that’s what makes them more special. 

7. Journal- So that they can write it all down! 

Many people love writing journals. Not just a diary it’s a way one can pen down their emotions. It can be a great gift to someone who is an introvert and likes to keep a record of the events of their life. It helps them to be mentally sound and can be clubbed together with a pen. 

8. Scented candles- It is important to be surrounded by good vibes! A wonderful present to those who love lighting their rooms with candles and are into meditation or yoga. It can bring lots of positivity and make the person feel happy and content. They are customizable, affordable, trendy, and can grab one’s eye. 

9. Wall Clock- To let them know that time is precious! 

In the trend of digital clocks and fitbits, wall clocks can be a unique gift. They can be added with a message of how time has passed and how things have changed over the years. 


Gifting can be confusing sometimes but can really be fun when you come across with new ideas. Finding something which is meaningful and carries a story can make your bond stronger with that person. It can make the moment special for that person. Hence we discussed what are the best gifts for friends under $100.

What are Best Gifts for Friends Under $100? 

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