Chromecast Audio Device And Alternatives

The Chromecast audio device is a portable device that attaches to your traditional speakers allowing them to stream audio seamlessly and wirelessly from devices and the internet. Since old traditional speakers can’t stream music directly from the internet or other mobile devices, the
Chromecast audio device has been able to bridge the gap by simply plugging it into your speaker via a jack or USB cord. However, since Google announced that they would discontinue producing the Chromecast audio device, a lot of people have searched for an alternative and there are some strong successors like the Google Nest, Amazon Echo Link, Skyeen M5 Audiocast, Avantree Oasis Plus, Belkin soundform connect airplay 2. Let us know more “Chromecast Audio Device And Alternatives”.

Chromecast Audio Device And Alternatives

Does Chromecast audio still work?

Although Google has discontinued the Chromecast device, the company has announced that it will not be restricting its services from it, due to the outcry from device lovers. So if you still have a Chromecast device, be rest assured that your device won’t stop working, and if you are
planning to get a new one, your best bet will be to quickly purchase it from Amazon or eBay before it goes out of stock everywhere. There are a lot of people that enjoy using Chromecast audio, so Google stopping its production was a deal-breaker, most looked for a replacement, and
some went on to buy additional pieces. Google just recently announced a fresh update to the Chromecast with support for Tidal lovers and so on.

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Are smart speakers a better choice than Chromecast?

Smart speakers are generally a better choice, with your speaker able to connect directly to the internet without needing a traditional casting device. Most smart speakers are small, so you don’t have to worry about moving them around; unlike the Chromecast audio device, which is limited to a wifi connection. smart speakers come with in-built assistants like ALEXA, and GOOGLE ASSISTANT. You don’t always have to use your voice all the time with in-built voice recognition software. Audio quality on smart speakers also gives it an edge over the Chromecast audio devices, lyrics are clearer and the highs are much crispier, overall the smart speaker can suit you better if you are looking for a replacement for your Chromecast audio device, pricing also comes into play when you want to purchase a smart speaker, most smart speakers are cheap, but you
may need to exchange all those low budget for bad the sounding system, distortion, and a poor built. The budget-friendly smart speakers are great and have a better sound system, but it’s the slightly pricier ones that have all the good stuff built into it.

Amazon echo link vs Chromecast

The amazon echo link improves the overall quality of any echo device or what you would use a Chromecast device for. It connects wirelessly and creates a wider Soundstream for audio files. It expands the sound and makes the quality of the music sound better, its design is compact and
portable, you will be able to move it around and also place it anywhere, its square design makes it easy to place, and is not hard to miss, the amazon echo link comes with a dial on the front so you also have the options of turning the sound up some decibels without distortions in the
sound, for $199 the amazon echo link offers more than you are paying for

Sonos One vs Chromecast

If you are looking for the perfect replacement for your Chromecast, the Sonos one is the best smart speaker to buy on the market. right now, the speaker connects to Google Assistant, Apple Siri, and Alexa. That means you will be able to connect any device to the smart speaker and have
a seamless connection to the internet. It picks up your voice in noisy environments and in larger rooms, it has a balanced mix and a great sound, and a nice design as well; the only thing you should be worried about is the price. At $299 the Sonos One smart speaker doesn’t come cheap, but you will get great value for the price you are paying.


Google has a lot of other devices you can enjoy its services on. For example; google Nest should be another great choice for you. With technology improving and the world moving into the age of smart speakers, Google’s undeniable cause to discontinue its Chromecast device is
understandable. Google gave a subtle sign as far back as 2018 when they made a 50% discount on the Chromecast device that lasted till a black Friday in February 2019. This was Google’s effort to clear out its stock and focus on a line of smart speakers.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can I still get the Chromecast audio device for a 50% discount?

Yes, you can

  • Will Google stop updating the Chromecast device?

Google has not made that clear

  • Will Amazon discontinue the Echo link?

Amazon has not made that clear

Chromecast Audio Device And Alternatives

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