What Does Aldi Store Stock As St. Patrick’s Day Must-Haves?

St. Patrick’s Day is known to be Ireland’s most well-known holiday, typically characterized by the color green and the national leaf, the shamrock. The Irish celebrate the holiday on March 17th. The most common themes include the color green, shamrocks, and pub culture. Let’s know what does Aldi store stock as St. Patrick’s Day Must-Haves.

What Does Aldi Store Stock As St. Patrick's Day Must-Haves?

All these are part of a long-standing tradition pointed to St. Patrick, Ireland’s patron saint. A History reference looking into the Celts will show their use of oral tradition spanning generations. We are more than aware of how patriotic the Irish people are. The popularity of their national holiday today allows us to also appreciate this special day alongside them.

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As part of its marketing, the Aldi franchise customizes its products in the color green as well, ranging from food to trademark festivity items such as gnomes. The so-called must-have items primarily consist of a variety of cheeses, snacks, desserts, and liquor. Because food on any occasion is always a staple let us look at the highest recommended items by them;


  • Corned beef brisket- Corned beef and cabbage is a meal staple for this auspicious day. Despite the simplicity of these ingredients, the franchise has continually added them to their stores with affordable prices to boot. Their cuts of meat are well portioned and priced, retailing for about $5.
  • Reuben Bites- These bites are a counterpart to corned beef, typically rolled into small balls. You can find them in the frozen aisle of any grocery store. They are easily warmed and served as a simple appetizer.


  • Bakeshop Irish cheesecake- A staple dessert for the Irish, pair this extra sweet dessert with tea or Irish coffee as a perfect snack. A 16-ounce cheesecake retails for about $5.
  • The Shamrock swirl- A fitting name for a green-flavored dessert, this is the franchise’s brand of ice cream. Its additional ingredients are cookie dough, fudge chips, and mint with a sweet flavor. A pint retails for about $2- 3.65, which is quite pocket friendly.
  • Fudge mint shortbread cookies- Strictly a seasonal product, its scarcity around the holiday should incite purchase by customers. One taste of this minty treat results in being hooked. If buying in bulk, you can store them in the freezer. The cookies retail for about $1.49
  • Mint chocolate crème-filled cookies- As correctly guessed the cream filling in these cookies is mint flavored with a green color. The resulting flavor is unique but quite good, aided by the cookie crunch.


  • Emporium-aged Irish cheddar- This imported brand of Irish cheese comes in several flavors. Flavors include the; Classic aged Irish cheddar, nutty Irish cheddar, and the Irish cheddar with whiskey. Cheddar cheese is an appetizer staple therefore, Aldi is offering this lineup of 3 in combination to save on costs. A 5-ounce roll of cheese retails for about $4.
  • Emporium selection Irish porter– This brand of white cheddar fused with a dark beer called the Irish potter. You can eat it as an appetizer or snack, together with crackers. Each block packaged in 7-ounce blocks retails for $4.
  • Emporium selection pesto gouda- Gouda is soft cow cheese made from milk. Combine the white-colored cheese with pesto and garlic for additional flavor. In addition, pair the gouda with crackers as a filling snack. Packaged in 6.5-ounce blocks, each cheese retails for $4
  • Emporium selection sage derby- this brand is also a mild cheese with a trademark sage flavor. Alongside its wonderful taste, the green color gives it a vibrant look on a board presentation. Each block of cheese retails for about $4.


  • Maguire’s stout- The liquor’s black packaging is known to bear a striking resemblance to the world-famous Guinness. Found on the liquor aisle of any store, you can purchase it to consume with savory dishes such as the famous shepherd’s pie. The liquor is packed in 12-ounce bottles and a pack of six goes for about $7.
  • Connelly’s mint chocolate country cream- A spin on the rich Bailey’s Irish cream, it is a preferred liquor to indulge in. To create some added flavor, you can combine the cream with non-alcoholic drinks such as hot cocoa and Irish coffee for added flavor. A 750 mm bottle retails for about $9.


Not only filled with radiant green foods but also bread and hearty stews made of Irish potatoes, we all look forward to St. Patrick’s Day. Whether in the UK or outside it, especially in the North-Eastern part of the US One advantage of globalization is that we are now able to study, appreciate and celebrate other people’s cultures. The holiday is. Reveling in the people’s joy is a comforting feeling alongside healthy and filling food.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Apart from all the green foods on sale, what else constitutes a typical St. Patrick’s dinner?

Irish potato stew is a staple of Irish cuisine. The Irish people are renowned for their love for potatoes. Additionally, various meat roasts are also popular, not limited to lamb and beef roasts. Pastries are also part of a typical meal ranging from bread to shepherds’ meat pies.

What Does Aldi Store Stock As St. Patrick’s Day Must-Haves?

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