Does Home Depot Deliver Lumber?-Know More

Home Depot is one of the most revered brands when it comes to retailing products that are used to improve, renovate, and build structures. They stock the best materials for building homes and the store can be said to contain almost anything when it comes to construction. This includes lumber, wood, and wood products. So, if you are working on a construction project and you need lumber for your project you can always bank on Home Depot delivering the best products. Let’s know more about Does Home Depot Deliver Lumber?

Does Home Depot Deliver Lumber

Home Depot delivers lumber to its customers for a fee. Delivery fees might reach $65. This depends on how you want the lumber to be delivered. Some customers prefer that the lumber is dropped at the front of their house or in their driveway. The place where you request the lumber to be dropped off will have an impact on how much you will be charged for the delivery. Lumber usually needs a flat-bed truck and a specialized forklift to be delivered to customers.

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Home Depot lumber delivery

Home Depot delivers lumber for purchases made online or in-store. Some lumber and lumber products you could get at Home Depot include planks and boards, grooves and tongues, plywood, framing timber, lumber for decking, fencing and paneling, softwood, and shiplap. Delivery is only available for products that cost over $49. Home Depot can deliver lumber to your home or at a job site. Lumber from Home Depot is usually delivered after two days. However, you can call and enquire if a same-day delivery can be made. Orders have to be placed before 10 a.m. to be delivered on the same day. Customers are implored to recheck the fee for delivery before finalizing their lumber order.

Home Depot delivery fee 

Most items that cost more than $45 are delivered freely by Home Depot. This does not apply to lumber though. A $59 fee is charged on lumber. This is because the equipment used in delivering the lumber is specialized. Equipment such as forklifts ad trucks are used to deliver lumber to customers and the fee covers the cost of using such equipment.

Tipping delivery personnel

Home Depot allows customers to tip personnel delivering their lumber. Tipping should be based on how the the customer qualifies the service . Tips between $5-20 are acceptable. Note that tips are not obligatory for customers. 

How to get Home Depot to deliver my lumber

There are two ways by which you can order lumber from Home Depot: either by phone (call or online) or at the store.

a. Phone: This includes calling the Home Depot store and placing an order over the phone. Ensure you answer the questions correctly and you provide the correct specifications of the type of lumber you need. You could also enquire about your order and track your delivery when you call the Home Depot store. Online orders are made by going to the official Home Depot lumber page. There you can select from an array of wood and lumber products.

b. In-store: Lumber can also be bought directly from the store. Simply walk up to the Pro Desk and seek the help of the employee. You can ask about the sizes, materials, pricing, and dimensions of the lumber you want delivered. All details necessary to process the delivery can be given to the employee store including where you want the lumber delivered.

Delivery time for Home Depot lumber

Home Depot can deliver lumber to your job site or home on the same day or between two days. Customers who want same-day delivery have to make their orders before 10 in the morning. Customers can also request an in-store pickup. Lumber orders are usually processed in 2 – 4 hours.

Home Depot delivery locations

Home Depot can deliver lumber to anywhere in the United States including Hawaii and Alaska. However, delivery to both of these states attracts additional charges. Home Depot makes use of different carriers to deliver lumber. Carriers include FedEx, UPS, and Roadie.


Home Depot has gradually cemented its place as a major dealer in home improvement materials in the U.S. Established in 1978, the retail outlet offers to deliver lumber to customers across the country to contractors and homeowners. Home Depot can also assist customers in cutting their lumber. Plywood, framing lumber, and pressure-treated wood are some of the lumber products offered by Home Depot. Orders can be made over the phone, on the website, or in-store. Same-day delivery is also available for those who need their lumber as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can my lumber from Home Depot be delivered freely?

Yes. To request a lumber delivery from Home Depot, all you need to do is speak to an employee at the Pro Service Desk to arrange a date, destination, and time for the delivery. You could also call a Home Depot store close to you and speak with an employee to schedule when your lumber should be delivered.

  • How much do delivery drivers at Home Depot make?

The average amount Home Depot delivery drivers earn yearly is $36,325. This falls below the average in the U.S.

  • Does Home Depot have an in-store pickup?

Yes. When you’ve ordered an item and selected in-store pickup, you’ll receive some messages. An order confirmation receipt will also be sent and you’ll receive a notification informing you that your order is ready for pick up.

  • Can I order an item for someone else?

Home Depot allows you to order an item for another person. All you have to do is enter their details when ordering the item.

Does Home Depot Deliver Lumber?-Know More

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