Does Subway Apple Pay?-Know More


There are much more than a hundred million iPhones and their users are only in the USA let alone the entire world. Most of these people use Apple Pay as the main payment procedure to pay. But Still, America’s most well-known retail stores, which are the likes of Walmart, Sam’s Club or Home Depot, and Kroger, do not accept any payment by Apple Pay. But would Subway be an exceptional restaurant chain to entertain Apple Pay? Let’s know more about Does Subway Apple pay? 

Does Subway Apple Pay?

The answer is yes, the Subway does accept Apple Pay at all and in any of their stores throughout the USA. It is the most common eatery chain in the whole of the United States. The corporation has been taking Apple Pay payments since the year 2014 when Apple had just launched it for the initial time. One could use Apple Pay at Subway Restaurant in association with Subway’s application while ordering food and whatnot.

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Can one Apple Pay at Subway Restaurant? 

Subway is a major brand with chains around the entire USA. One can make their payments at Subway through the platform Apple Pay. Subway has always accepted Apple Pay since its inception. Apple Pay made payment options so easy for its customers that’s insane. Currently, there is no need whatsoever to carry around any kind of cash or credit/debit cards anywhere you walk, if you own a cell phone. The emergence of these technological advancements led Subway to decide to keep the options of Apple Pay at its stores a must-have for all. 

More than half of the entire US population uses iPhones and most of them usually prefer the use of Apple Pay for purchasing and buying. With the steady growth of this idea and the tech of the digitization age, the utility of cash has been rendered negligible. So here, the restaurants and retail stores have also been changing policies of taking types of payment to further the business. Apple Pay has now become one of the largest delivery systems in all restaurants in the United States. 

Around this year Apple also did announce that a discount offer was in store for its users on making payments at Subway which is another milestone. About 2% was being offered for a few days in August on making payments at Subway as a promotion. For availing of the discount, the code of ‘APPLE PAY’ was required to enter into it. Just from Subway, this offer was also put for many other major accomplices of Apple Pay like Dunkin’ Donuts then Instacart with DoorDash, and GoPuff alike.

Apple Pay is finally in the Subway Application: 

For getting the delivery of Subway foods at one’s home or office, one can easily place their order at Subway restaurant’s web page or application. The application also accepts payment by Apple Pay easily. For paying through the Apple Pay system, one could select Apple Pay as a payment schedule while going for checkout. Apple Pay is accessed through all apple products. 

More than for the reason of home deliveries, one could use the Subway application for Pickup and drive-thru. This drive-thru system allows the one to have their food in the car. One need not go and sit in the avenue for hours.

For both of these two options, one could easily make payments for their meals through Apple Pay. So it can be said that one could enjoy Subway food without any credit cards or debit options like coupons or petty cash. One just needs an Apple Pay application and a bank account attached to it for a balance in the account. 

The other modes of payment at Subway restaurants: 

Apple Pay is of course a major payment option for Subway because a larger number of the United States population uses these applications. But other ways are too available as follows: 

  • The Cash Payment.
  • The Debit Cards. 
  • The Credit Card. 
  • The Subway Gift Cards.
  • The Subway Gift Vouchers.
  • The Debit and Credit gift cards. 

If the one does not use Apple Pay or faces some issues with using it, he/she could pay their bills through any of the above options without hurdle.

Why do some of the stores in the United States not accept Apple Pay period? 

Apple Pay is as we know a major payment option for most people in America. But still, most areas in America do not honor Apple Pay. Among most of these are retail stores, and the majority of reasons for not accepting could be:

  • The Marketing strategy for increasing the use of store applications for purchase. 
  • The tracking of consumers’ online behaviors. 
  • The Lack of needed infrastructure for non-physical payment systems. 

The conclusion:

Similarly like most other eateries in America, Subway accepts Apple Pay. But, it is one of the earlier partners of Apple Pay in the entire country. Consumers use Apple Pay at Subway eateries and in Subway’s applications and web pages alike. To surmise, if one has a great dinner at Subway then one needs not take cash out or any of the cards with you. One could easily pay their bills through their phones only and that’s nice. 


  • Does Subway accept checks for payment or not? 

Answer: No, in today’s time Subway does not take checks in the stores. 

Does Wendy’s honor Apple Pay?

Answer: Apple Pay is as of now not accepted in Wendy’s restaurants and applications alike. 

  • Do retail stores in America accept Apple Pay as a mode of payment? 

Answer: Most of the good brand retail stores in America do not accept Apple Pay because they own applications of their own. 

Does Subway Apple Pay?-Know More

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