How To Turn On The Wifi On Hp Laptop Without The Wifi Button?

As per the topic description, so many people find it hard to switch on their wifi adapter without their wifi button. After a long period while using their Hp laptop, the keyboard starts getting faulty, and their function keys stop working, especially F12, Which has the wifi indicator light and is used to enable the adapter. They lose connection to the Internet just because their system is faulty. Let’s know more about How to turn on the wifi on Hp Laptop without the wifi button?

How To Turn On The Wifi On Hp Laptop Without The Wifi Button

The wifi adapter could easily be enabled with or without the wifi button. You need to navigate yourself to the settings in your windows.

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The steps are listed below, and you’ll fix this issue perfectly

  • Be sure that your Hp laptop boots up without any issues 
  • Left Click on the Windows icon which is located, and you’ll see the control panel or press the Windows key + X
  • Left-click on the control panel
  • New options would pop up on the screen; you left-click on the network and sharing centre.
  • Left-click on the Change adapter settings located on the left side.
  • Then you right-click the wireless adapter and left-click on enable

This method should enable your wifi adapter to connect to an available wifi, but if it doesn’t work, you can try to find out if your wireless service is still functional.

  • Press down the Windows button + R and type services. MSC in the search field available, or You run the window and press the ENTER key.
  • Look for the WLAN auto-config
  • Right-click on the WLAN auto-config and left-click on start.

Wifi doesn’t Connect after Enabling.

After switching on your wifi, connecting to your router or the Internet proves difficult, and it may be because of these listed.

Bad Internet

Sometimes the issue isn’t with your computer’s wifi. Be sure that the Internet is working. You can get your phone or another system to connect with that Internet to be sure the issue is from your computer or wifi. If the ISP isn’t working, you get a new one or call a computer engineer or technician to help you repair it.

Modem and Router

Your modem or router developing or encountering problems prevents your laptop from being connected to your laptop. Try resetting your Modem and Router to be sure it’s not the cause of your system’s inability to connect. To do this, you disconnect the power from the modem or router, wait for 15- 20 seconds, and reconnect. If you still encounter issues, it’s better to reboot your system.

Multiple Firewalls installed

Installation of more than One software firewall in your computer can hinder your internet connection from moving smoothly. To help prevent this problem, it’s advisable to temporarily disable firewalls that come with windows or other security programs.

Reinstall the windows earlier version

If the wifi has never had any issues while you were using the earlier version, the problem could be due to the new windows bad software or settings that could be preventing your wifi adapter from accessing the Internet 

Corrupt wireless card

A corrupt wireless card may be another reason why you might not see a wifi network, talk less of connecting to them, and you might have issues finding your wireless card. If you encounter problems with your wireless card, you can sort them out this way.

  1. Open your windows device manager and expand the Network adapters to view the available network devices.
  2. Select your system’s wifi or Wireless network adapter 
  3. Press the Delete key to remove the device. If there is a check box for uninstalling the drivers, leave it unchecked for that time.
  4. Once the device is successfully removed, close all windows and restart your system. Allow the windows to detect and install the network card. If this doesn’t solve your problem, you might need to reinstall the wireless drivers. Installing them is easy if there’s a setup for the downloaded drivers, then you run it.

Wrong security key for a router 

Your wireless connection might be showing multiple wireless networks, and you might be connecting to a network with the wrong security key, so be sure to get the right router name and the right security key to enable you to get connected

Corrupt operating system 

After trying so many methods to correct your wifi issue, it still doesn’t work. It might be your operating system having a corrupted file, and this way, it has affected your computer. As a last option, it’s better to erase your system and reinstall another OS. Doing so cleans your laptop 

Bad hardware 

All these methods not working for your system might result from bad hardware. If you have a laptop, it’s advisable to have it serviced by a computer engineer, and if it’s a desktop, have a look at the antenna cable; if it’s in good condition, you should think of replacing the motherboard.

Final thoughts 

Connection to the Internet with your system can only be possible if your system’s wifi adapter is enabled properly. With a good router, you should have a good experience surfing the Internet.

How To Turn On The Wifi On Hp Laptop Without The Wifi Button?

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