Firestone Brake Service Cost-Know More

Firestone brake services cost depends on how you’ve maintained your breaks, a good repair can help you reduce a high cost of repair in the future. Firestone Complete Auto Care, a top-flight automotive service brand is one the best place where you can get high-quality brake repairs. Let’s know more about Firestone Brake Service Cost.

 Firestone Brake Service Cost.

Being a leading automotive service center, their technicians are certified and highly qualified to ensure brakes services and other services are of good quality. According to Firestone, they handle over a million brake-related issues in a year. Though their services are a bit expensive compared to other centers, Firestone offers a free inspection to evaluate the condition of your brakes before they can start working on them. Once you have a high-quality brake part fixed correctly in your car, then you’re guaranteed that you’ll stay for a long time without visiting a repair shop for the same problem. 

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Lifetime Option: This is the last option at Firestone service center, before opting to take this package you need to consider your pocket as well as your driving needs. This package offers all the packages in the standard with a fluid exchange option, the unique thing with this package is that it offers extra clippers/wheel cylinders and a lifetime warranty on labor, pads, brake shoes, and other parts. 

Below is the cost of each option:

  • Standard Option- The standard option goes for $175, Wagner pads, a 12month/12-mile warranty 
  • Standard with Fluid Exchange- The option goes for $350, Wagner Pads, 24 month/24,000 miles warranty.
  • Lifetime Option – It’s the most expensive one going for $450, Wagner Pads, 24 months/12,000 miles plus the lifetime warranty. 

Note: that these service prices are not fixed and can vary depending on the conditions. The above prices have been recorded through an online search

How to know you need brake services

Breaks are among the crucial part of any moving machine, when you step onto the gas pedal you expect your car to slow or stop gently and in a perfect place as you want. However, this will not be the case forever, as your car gets older you’ll need to visit a repair shop for services to ensure everything is in line and won’t be attracting tough repair costs in the future. Here are some of the signs to know your car requires brake services.

  1. If you come across a black fluid spilling onto your driveway or parking lot then your brake pad might be having an issue. 
  2. If the ADS light is indicating on the dashboard and it isn’t faulty then the brakes might be requesting services
  3. High disturbing pitch from the wheel when you step on the brake pedal is a sign of faulty breaks 
  4. If your car slightly loses control when you step on the brake pedal then the brakes are in bad condition and need services. 
  5. Brakes not working is one of the common and obvious problems which means you have to visit a car shop 

How Much Does Firestone Brake Services cost? 

Well, when it comes to brake services pricing at Firestone, several things are considered since not all service goes for the same price. Firestone has three options with each option having a different price rate. The three options include the Standard Package, Standard with Fluid Exchange, and Lifetime package. 

The standard option:

It is commonly referred to as the perfect break option. The option comes with a full installation of the brake pad, rotors are resurfaced. In addition, the brake components are inspected to ensure everything is set. The best thing about this option is that it comes with a lifetime parts warranty on disc pads and brake shoes plus 12 months per 12,000 miles warranty on labor.

Standard with fluid Exchange option:

This option offers installation of new brake pad, rotors resurfacing, and brake components inspection. All these packages are offered in both standard and standard with the fluid exchange. What, differentiate these two options is that the Standard with fluid exchange offers brake fluid exchange for the removal of air and other contaminants that find their way to brake liquid. In addition, in its lifetime parts warranty on disc pads and brake shoes, it offers 24 months/22 miles warranty on labor.

How Does Firestone Conduct their Inspections?

If you notice, that your car is having some difficulties and you feel the breaks might be the issue, here are some of the inspections Firestone will conduct for free before giving you a report on your car’s state.

The first thing, they will check and measure both brake pads, and they will also look at the rotors. They will also make sure the fluid level is ok using their strip dip test methods. Lastly, they do a thorough inspection of e-breaks. After the test, they will give you a full report on what exactly your car needs and the budget. In case everything is intact they will diagnose another issue that may be causing your car to misbehave. 

Firestone Break Service Cost Conclusion

As we conclude, the life span of your car breaks fully depends on the kind of services you give it. The more you neglect better brake services the more you increase the repair cost in the future. As we have discussed, there is no better place to get quality services than Firestone Complete Auto Care. Before you choose any service option it’s advisable to you consult the technicians. In addition, don’t ignore the discussed signs of brake failure if you notice your car is experiencing one of the signs visit any of the Firestone shops around you and get a free inspection. 

Firestone Brake Service Cost-Know More

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