Transfer Virgin Atlantic Miles To Delta-Know More

Virgin Atlantic is a British airline that has over time become one of the leading airline companies in the world with association with other prestigious airlines in their own right. One of the airlines that Virgin Atlantic has been seen to regularly do business with is Delta. A major airline in the United States, Delta Airlines is one of the oldest airlines that is still in operation today. Most airlines today allow for the accumulation of redeemable air miles and points and Virgin Atlantic is not exempt from this practice. Let’s know more about Transfer Virgin Atlantic Miles To Delta.

Transfer Virgin Atlantic Miles To Delta

The Flying Club program by Virgin Atlantic can be considered the best program as regards the redemption of points and collaborative partners. One of these opportunities is the allowance to transfer miles accumulated on Virgin Atlantic to Delta Airlines. Although Delta awards redemptions were devalued by Virgin Atlantic, starting in 2021, the company still allows customers to transfer air miles from Atlantic to Delta.

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How to transfer miles from Virgin Atlantic to Delta Airlines

Several methods have been provided to help customers transfer their miles from Virgin to Atlantic. Virgin Atlantic has partnered with other companies such as Citi ThankYou, Marriott Bonvoy, Amex Membership, and Chase to make sure customers that want to transfer their miles to Delta can do that without encountering many problems. In the past, customers who have transferred miles from Amex and Citi to Virgin Atlantic have been rewarded with transfer bonuses. This in turn helps you even accumulate more miles. These miles can then be transferred to Delta or any other airline with which Virgin Atlantic has made this arrangement. Although the process of transferring miles from Virgin Atlantic to Delta Airlines might seem very slow when it is been used for the first time, there are other ways to speed up the process. 

Some benefits of using the Flying Club

  1. It is easier to earn miles on Virgin Atlantic since the company collaborates with many companies while Delta is only partners with Amex.
  2. Customers have also been lucky to receive a bonus upon transfer of their miles with Virgin Atlantic miles but this has not been witnessed by those who have transferred Delta miles.

Awards are divided into two categories for those redeeming Flying Club miles on Delta Airlines:

  1. Pricing may be based on regions. This is between the United States and Europe
  2. Pricing is based on the distance which is measured for travels made between other regions outside the United States and Europe.

Are there surcharges when redeeming points from the Flying Club on Delta Airlines?

There are career-imposed surcharges associated with Flying Club. These surcharges are also called fuel surcharges. These surcharges exist on the following conditions:

  1. Traveling between the United States and the United Kingdom on Delta Airlines
  2. Traveling between any country in Europe and the United States on Delta Airlines with the flight originating in Europe.

There are no surcharges when you use Delta to travel within or between any other regions. 

How to directly book Delta awards on the Virgin Atlantic website

Delta Awards can be booked directly on the official website of Virgin Atlantic. The user interface of both of these airlines is similar so, if you are already familiar with how the process works on the Delta website, you don’t need to worry about navigating the Virgin Atlantic website. When you go to the Virgin website, look for award availability in the same way you might have done on the Delta website and if any option is available, it will be displayed.

Is redeeming Virgin Atlantic miles on Delta Airlines still a worthy experience?

Not really. Due to the recent policy change, the value of redeeming miles from Virgin Atlantic on Delta has somehow diminished. The best way customers can use Virgin Atlantic miles on Delta is while traveling in business class to any country in Europe except the United Kingdom. You will only be charged for 50,000 miles, one-way, and nothing for fuel surcharges.


It can be very useful and essential to redeem Virgin Atlantic miles on Delta airlines. This fact is true for passengers who fly business class between Europe and the United States except for the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, with the recent devaluation of Virgin’s Flying Club, there are no longer any sweet spots. So, redeeming miles from Virgin Atlantic to Delta for business class flights to Asia, South America, and Africa, no longer sounds like a good deal.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Asides from flying, are there any other ways to earn points on the Virgin Atlantic Flying Club?

Points can also be earned by using the Virgin Atlantic World Elite MasterCard to purchase items online. This card awards three points for every dollar spent on Virgin Atlantic products and 1.5 points for each dollar spent on other products. Some Virgin Atlantic partners also give you the chance to earn points. These partners include Rocketmiles, Virgin Hotels, PointsHound, and Kaligo.

  • Can I use my Virgin Atlantic points for other things?

You could covert your points and use them to book rides from or to the airport after a Virgin Atlantic flight. Virgin Atlantic is also offering members of the Flying Club two million points a chance to enter a draw in which points will be given for a trip on the Virgin Galactic into space.

  • What major routes do Virgin Atlantic flights pass through?

Flights from Virgin Atlantic depart from major cities such as Seattle, San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles.

  • What classes of fare does Virgin Atlantic offer?

Premium, upper class, and economy. Economy class is further broken down into classes such as Classic, Light, and Delight.

Transfer Virgin Atlantic Miles To Delta-Know More

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