Hibbett’s Return Policy-You Need To Know

Hibbett Sports is a sporting goods retail store with over a thousand locations in the southern and southeastern parts of the United States. They also have an online store aside from their numerous brick-and-mortar stores where you can purchase all kinds of sporting goods and equipment. There are various sports gears for fans of major sports teams and items necessary for those interested in hunting and fishing.  Let’s Know more about Hibbett’s Return Policy.

Hibbett’s Return Policy

The store is an excellent place to visit for sports enthusiasts, and best still, they have a return policy, unlike any other sports store. 

Hibbett has a customer-friendly return policy allowing buyers that meet their specified conditions up to two months, 60 days to be specific, to return any item they do not want. Returns are possible whether you bought in the physical store or online. The return window starts counting from the order’s shipping date, not the day the good is received.

Sports Equipment and Products Returns

Returning items bought at Hibbett can be done through two means which is through the mail or at their physical store.

Returning through the mail

To return your purchase through the mail, you’d need to fill out their online form with details like your name, order number, email, billing address, Zip code, etc. The order number stands in place of proof of purchase. You’d have to print out the shipping label and attach it to the package you plan to return. Using this method does not attract shipping, returning, or restocking fees. 

You must have bought the product online to return it via mail. If otherwise, this service will not be available to you. 

Returning to the physical store

You must return your in-store purchases at Hibbett brick-and-mortar stores. Your in-store purchases are those items you bought and paid for at the store, not online, and the things you bought at the store and arranged for to be delivered to your home. You’d need the shipment email, order confirmation email, or packing list for your refund to be processed.

Product Condition for Returns

Not all things bought at Hibbett and returned are automatically collected; it needs to meet specific criteria. The primary criteria are that the product should look brand new when returned. Also, it needs to be returned with its original packaging, but the newness does not extend to the packaging so that you can rest easy. 

Clothes being returned should be unwashed and unworn, and items aside from clothes should be unremoved from their wrapping. Defective sports equipment should be returned to the manufacturers and not Hibbett. 

Products that cannot be returned

Not all things can be returned, especially those that do not meet the newness criteria. Items purchased that have been customized, used, taken out of their package, or even things that exceed a particular size category cannot be returned at Hibbett. 

Also, some items cannot be returned because they were purchased online and cannot easily be shipped to the store for a return due to their size. Defective products with a manufacturer’s warranty cannot be returned to Hibbett. Instead, a warranty claim can be made by contacting the manufacturers.

 Still, there are a lot of things that can be returned, like apparel and smaller equipment. To be sure if your purchase can be returned, you should contact customer support beforehand. 

How refunds are issued at Hibbett

  • For In-store purchases

For in-store purchases, refunds are made using the original payment method, but cash is given for payments with debit cards and checks. It will take up to 14 business days for your order to be processed, but it might take up to 30 days for your financial institution to transfer the funds. 

  • For Online purchases

Online purchase refunds are also carried out via the original payment method, but debit card payments are refunded in cash. If you return the item via mail, it will be sent to the credit card used for the original purchase. It will take seven days for your return to be received, five days to be processed, and a confirmation email sent. The application of funds to your account depends on your financial institution and may take up to 30 days. 

Can I make a return after the specified 60 days?

You can still make a refund; however, you will not get a full refund in cash as the window has passed. Instead, you get a partial return in cash and a full refund in-store credit. You cannot return it by mail, however. 

Can I exchange goods at Hibbett?

For items bought online with color or size issues, you cannot exchange them. Instead, you’d have to mail it or go to the store for a refund. You can then use this refund to order what you want.

Does Hibbett have a strict return policy?

Compared to other sporting stores, with its lengthy return window and lack of shipping fees for returned items, Hibbett is not strict. There are things set in place to protect the store, but you get a lot of benefits from their return policy. 


Unlike other stores, Hibbett has an immensely customer-friendly return policy, and as long as you follow the proper process, you’d get your total refund. Ensure you meet the criteria and make returns before the 60-day timeframe. This will save a lot of hassle and help you make good use of the return policy. 

Hibbett’s Return Policy-You Need To Know

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