Hobby Lobby Lamps-Know More


Hobby Lobby Stores, Incorporated, also known previously as Hobby Lobby Creative Centers is mostly an American retailing corporation. It was said to own a chain of arts and crafts stores with a huge capacity of around $5 billion in 2018 which is massive. These chains had almost 969 stores in more than 47 states conventionally. It is basically a Christian-owned corporation that the Hobby Lobby incorporates American conservative culture as its values in addition to Christian media alike. Let’s know more about Hobby Lobby lamps.

Hobby Lobby Lamps

A bit of history:

In around the year 1972, Mister David Green had opened the initial Hobby Lobby store northwest of Oklahoma City then. Then Green left his supervisor post with a variety store to open a new Hobby Lobby across Oklahoma City in the year 1975. He then opened another store in the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma the very next year around. This Hobby Lobby store grew to around seven stores by the year 1982 and the initial store outside of Oklahoma opened in the year 1984. When Mister Green tried expanding the scope of the overall business, would include furniture and high-end cookery amid the 1980s, which led to massive losses as the economy slowly shut down. He then returned to arts and crafts trading and by the late 1992s, these chains had grown from little to 50 locations in seven of America’s states.

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It is basically a Christian-owned corporation; The Hobby Lobby indulges American conservative morals and values and mostly Christian media David Green is the son of a conservative preacher as declared by the Hobby Lobby web page, “Honor thy Lord in all we venture by operating the corporation in a manner on par with Biblical laws. All of the stores were closed mainly on Sundays for allowing the employees to have family and worship space according to signs that were posted on the doors of the stores.


The Hobby Lobby stores mostly seek to rent big-box spaces such as occupied supermarkets, hardware spaces, and K-marts from mid to high-income outskirt areas. This usually allows the corporation to save from 50 to 70 percent on the existing building’s lease if compared with building a novel retail store which they see as crucial to their competitive edge in the arts and crafting sector. The stores range in sizes up to the size of 90,000 square feet and they usually draw consumers from a radius of 10 to 15 kilometers or more.

Some controversies:

The businesses and the stakeholders have been subjected to controversies and multiple scandals which include accusations of anti-Semitism, homophobia, LGBTQ biases, and attempts to purify public schools, the discrimination and smuggled artifacts led to employee endangerment during the novel covid pandemic as it is.

Their lamps:

 One could not remember when his two candlestick lamps got purchased or who a matter of fact purchased them. They have been there for the life as one could remember. It is thought, they made their debut in two dorm rooms at the parent’s house, might that be at the sister’s home and they have lived with us since we got here in the first place together. It is no surprise whatsoever that they have been painted multiple times over the years go by. Currently, their base is located in navy and they have red shades.

 The color of the base might have changed with time but the shades look the same changed in years because one cannot seem to find a candlestick with the same shades that 1) will fit them properly 2) would be liked and c) could not be stupid expensive.

The white candlestick lamp shades are in the proper size and their construction costs around $9.99 a fabulous piece.

We almost pass it because the white feels redundant and then we notice that they are made for covering more than anything else. They came along with a pattern and are self-adhesive to add our favorite fabric to it and have customized lamp shades.

More insight into the lamps:

We did need to trim the fabrics once they were on the shades so that more flushes could go with the top. We are not huge fans of lamp-shade trims but adding this trim could give the things a nicer appeal since our cutting-edge skills are far from accurate. These patterns also gave us a little more fabrics than we intended so we had some overlapping on the backside. We may be adding a few piles of warm glue or might use some dual-sided tapes to keep the overlap from folding upside.

 Good reviews of Hobby lobby:

We placed an order online in the fall of August. It got shipped on the date of September the 3rd. We called FedEx about our order and got told it went missing. We called the Hobby Lobby store and received a complete refund. It was agreed upon that even if we received the order we would let them know anyway. We just received another order on the current date which is October the 13th with two pieces still amiss. We called them to settle our account and mentioned the now missing pieces and my sub-total dues included only what I had received. How could I not be hugely excited at their customer service? Thanks, Hobby Lobby.

Bad reviews:

When we finally found something we needed at the Hobby Lobby, the lines were nearly unbearable and uncomfortable. There were two cashiers only at any given moment. This is a store where lots of items need to be wrapped all day long or are huge and absurd which takes more intervals for each transaction if need be. At the time, there were multiple employees around who do not seem to serve any purpose. We took this time to review how necessary our purchase was and usually left empty-handed.

Tip of the Day:

 Please train all the employees on registration and make the customers feel happy and make more good buck then.

 You are welcome Hobby lobby.

Hobby Lobby Lamps-Know More

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