How to reset SimpliSafe camera-Know More

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Having a home security system you know is worthy of protecting your house 24/7. With SimpliSafe, it can record HD resolution of upto 1080p of footage and alert the owner. Its price tag of $99 is a fantastic security system you will dream of having. Let’s know more about How to reset SimpliSafe camera.

How to reset SimpliSafe camera

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Simplisafe is a valuable security appliance in use worldwide. It Is due to its key features and support of Wi-Fi connection to ease the sending of alerts and communication with the app remotely. It has recharged batteries that go for almost 3-6 hours when fully charged. If a camera has a low battery, it will notify the owner. It is one of the sophisticated appliances made with the capabilities of staying outdoor.

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Configuring SimpliSafe is easier to use, and even repairing or resetting this camera it’s a simple thing to do with guided details. Regarding technical terms in security and IT, you need to be careful about what it means, i.e., the difference between restart and reset. Some people will do the opposite of the other, thinking they are correct. This article will discuss more details on how to reset a SimpliSafe camera. 

Mostly, the SimpliSafe camera will fail and not connect and alert the owner. In this scenario, the owner may reset or restart the camera. The decision lies in the problem wanted to be troubleshot. In some cases, to troubleshoot some severe errors in your camera, you will need to restart the camera and wait to see if the problem is solved. The following reset can be done if a restart does not solve the problem. However, choosing a reset will delete everything; the owner should know this. 

To perform a reset, follow the following procedure:

  • A SimpliSafe camera has a reset button placed on top of it and where the user is supposed to check it.
  •  Press that button for about 30 seconds until you see the lights of the camera flashing. 
  • After a successful reset, the camera will turn back on, and the process of installation is required.

What are the steps for setting up a SimpliSafe camera?

The steps are straightforward, and they include the following:

  1. Start by turning on the camera.
  2. Install a SimpliSafe app and launch it.
  3. On the SimpliSafe app menu, you will see a camera, and you are supposed to tap on that camera.
  4. You will see an add a new camera on the camera, and you are supposed to click on that. 
  5. On your app, check to see if the camera is flashing white,
  6. Then assign that camera a name
  7. Connect your SimpliSafe camera to a Wi-Fi signal and tap to request a code on your phone. Allow the camera to scan the code. 
  8. If done successfully, the camera is added to your phone app.

How to change the Wi-Fi signal of a SimpliSafe camera?

Follow these unique ways to change your camera Wi-Fi signal successfully:

  1. Open the SimpliSafe app, tap on the camera on your screen
  2. Navigate to the gear icon on your screen
  3. Click on the gear icon, and the camera setting will appear.
  4. Afterward, you can set or change the Wi-Fi signal by tapping on the Wi-Fi network. 

Why does the SimpliSafe app keep on switching offline?

If you find a problem with offline status, your internet connection is poor, you have lost contact, or maybe the camera has run out of power. The only solution to this problem is to check if the camera is the one that does not have power or if the network has a poor connection. 

Does a SimpliSafe camera record the footage?

Simplisafe camera does not record the events unless someone needs a premium account to record 5 minutes of live footage.

What are the different signal colors in the SimpliSafe camera?

When a SimpliSafe app is solid yellow, this tends to show your app is updating to the latest version, while when having a flashing yellow light, it shows the camera has a problem. The camera is having a trouble connecting to the app.

When the lights of a camera in the SimpliSafe app are solid white, it means the camera is connected and is working correctly. 

We have a solid red and a blinking red color which means your cellular module and the camera are not connected, and the cellular module is trying to connect to the app but failing. However, you can have a fast red flashing, which means the camera sends a signal of footage.


Choosing the right call to use during troubleshooting a problem matters a lot. Sometimes restarting a camera is required, while resetting is needed to fix errors. In either case, the two are instrumental methods of troubleshooting the most common challenges of SimpliSafe cameras. 

Getting your camera back to normal after a problem is crucial to protect your environment 24/7. 

How to reset SimpliSafe camera-Know More

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