Porter Airlines Pet Policy

Porter Airlines is a Canadian airline that launched in October 2009 and provides scheduled flights to destinations across North America. It focuses on providing high-quality service at an affordable price, providing both corporate and leisure travelers with its unique amenities. Porter Airlines pet policy allows both Cats and Dogs to travel with their owners in the comfort of their aircraft. All you need to do is bring your pet’s immunization record, proof of current vaccinations, veterinarian health certificate, and leash at all times when aboard the aircraft. 

Porter Airlines Pet Policy

What You Need To Know About Porter Airlines

Porter Airlines is a Canadian airline that launched in October 2009 and provides scheduled flights to destinations across North America. It focuses on providing high-quality service at an affordable price, providing both corporate and leisure travelers with its unique amenities. 

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These include premium seats with more legroom and storage space, as well as free Wi-Fi on all aircraft. In addition, Porter Airlines’ mission is to ensure sustainability by using less fuel while delivering the same level of customer experience. Porter Airlines has been particularly successful in growing its market share within the short-distance travel segment.

This has led to increased demand for its services, which has resulted in steep discounts on fares during peak periods. As a result of this success, Porter plans to expand beyond North America into Latin American markets later this year. 

Porter Airlines Pet Policies

Porter Airlines has some very strict policies when it comes to bringing pets on board. Effective as of December 15, 2018, all animals must be contained in a carrier that is no larger than 16 x 12 inches and cannot weigh more than 10 pounds. 

All carriers must be placed inside a pet-approved bag, which can then only hold the following: food/water bowls, toys, treats/supplement packets (no rawhide or other hard bones), waste bags for disposal of solid wastes (the bag cannot itself contain liquids or feces), and an ID tag with your name and phone number affixed.

Pets are not allowed in any overhead bin nor are they allowed to travel in the cabin unless they’re traveling within the confines of their approved carrier. In addition, there are specific areas on each plane where passengers may place their pets if space permits: 

  • Main Cabin – Section 2 near the front lavatories; 
  • Economy Class – Seats 31A-33D & 35A-37C; 
  • Pets will not be permitted below 39” from ground level at any time during travel; 
  • Premium Class – Seat 6A.

Prerequisites for your Pets

Porter Airlines currently allows pets on board its flights as long as they are properly vaccinated and registered with the airline. Pets must be kept in a travel carrier that is placed under the seat in front of them, and they cannot occupy any extra space that would obstruct another passenger’s view or interfere with comfort. 

Animals can only be carried aboard if they are fit for air travel and do not require special care, such as medical attention, food or water provision, or ventilation. Pets traveling onboard Porter Airlines must have a health certificate from their veterinarian documenting that they are infected and free of disease symptoms at the time of boarding. 

If you have questions about whether your pet is eligible to fly with Porter Airlines, please contact their customer service team and they will gladly assist you in finding out whether your pet will be eligible for the flight.

Is Porter Airlines Trustworthy With Animals

One cannot speak for Porter Airlines, but anecdotally, it does seem that they take animal welfare seriously. In 2017, the airline was ranked #1 on Animal Charity Evaluators’ list of the most vegan-friendly airlines in the world.

Additionally, Porter Airlines is certified by The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) as a Responsible Travel Program Participant and has an “A” rating from them. The HSUS rates organizations based on their commitment to four key ethical principles: 

  • prevention; 
  • animals born into captivity are treated humanely throughout their lives; 
  • accountability requires businesses to track and report how they’re doing concerning these policies; 
  • marketing involves no exploitation or harassment of wildlife or wild ecosystems.

Porter Airlines has had a strict No-Kill policy since its inception and actively works to find homes for all pets that are aboard their flights. They have animal welfare officers who monitor conditions on board and take appropriate action if necessary.


Porter Airlines is trustworthy and will handle your pets with great care. The cherry on the top is the fact that they ranked number 1 on Animal’s charity Evaluators list. This speaks volume about their handling and conduct with your pets.


  1. Is Porter Airlines ethical with animals?

    The airline has been accredited by Animal Welfare Approved, which means that all animals are treated with respect during transport and while onboard.
  2. How much does bringing a pet cost at Porter Airlines?

    Bringing a pet on Porter Airlines can cost you up to $350 per animal, and this price varies depending on the size, type, and several animals.
  3. Do I need to pay for an extra seat for my pet at Porter Airlines?

    You don’t need to pay for an extra seat for your pet at Porter Airlines. The airline encourages owners to bring their furry friends along on travel.
  4. Can Porter Airlines feed my pet during the flight?

    Yes, Porter Airlines provides a variety of food options that cater to pet allergies and dietary restrictions. 
Porter Airlines Pet Policy

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