The Number You Dialed Is Not A Working Number-Know More


It happens to almost every person that they called someone and on the other side, it has confirmed that the number you have dialed is not working so please check the number you have dialed. This will create confusion because sometimes the number is working and the call centre support team suggested checking the number because it is not working. So, this problem is faced sometimes for also active numbers otherwise there are different reasons for this condition. Reasons for “The Number You Dialed Is Not A Working Number”.

The Number You Dialed Is Not A Working Number


The problem persists for the active numbers and if a text has been sent on the same number, then the other person replied that he didn’t receive any call. So due to different reasons, it will happen that the dialed number is not working. Some other reasons that the call centre support checking the dialed number, however in some urgency the working numbers are also invalid. Some of the valid reasons for not dialing any working number are discussed below: –

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Check the number and area pin code

The dialed has to be checked properly if there is any wrong figure dialed then it is said to be a non-working number. Also, if there is a landline number then the city code or in another case the area or country pin code matter, the number should be in 10 digits to remove any errors.

The recipient changed his number

Sometimes it will happen that the dialed number is not in service it indicates that the recipient changed the number and it shows as a non-working number. If again the same message is delivered after calling sometime then the kit will only the thing that happens is the recipient changed his number.

No typo in a phone number

However, some typo is persisted then also indicates a non-working number and can’t be connected to the recipient. It seems to be very general that sometimes it will happen to miss any number then this problem has faced

Overload phone lines or network issue

Due to numerous phone numbers and networks running at a time so the connection problem happens and consider the active number also a non-working number. A lot of calls are connected at a time so the problem occurred.

Telemarketer, scam, and spam number

The contact number is also not connected because the number is for telemarketers, scams or spam numbers. However, this call has not reverted because of some different settings and it is considered a non-working number. If a call is received from a new number and then a call back message said it’s a non-working number then is from a telemarketer for answering some question or giving feedback.

Some of the effective remedies to solve this problem such as: –

Call after sometime

If these problems are faced then some of the solutions for such issue, call after some time to the recipient for checking there is any network issue persists or not. Also, some connectivity issues have been resolved after some time so it is advisable to call after some time to connect. Due to different kinds of issues has not connected on time so call after some time in that case.   

Call from another number

Also, try calling for another number if there is an issue from the caller side so that will resolve for checking into another number so it is helpful at the time of non-working numbers. If the same message persists again and again then dialed the number from another number or sim card for calling. Re-insert the sim card for proper connection and better resolved the query by adopting this method. 

Ensure the number is not forwarded

It is also ensured that the dialed number is not forwarded because due to this reason sometimes it will happen for considering a non-working number. If the screen represents a call forwarding then try to reach it from other ways such as through text messages or social media for a quick response.


Through this research work, it has concluded that people might face the issue that the number they have dialed is not working. However, it’s an active number this problem persists for different reasons. Also, it has been ensured and checked after some time or other phone numbers, due to this issue ineffective communication has persisted for analysis. The different reasons and solutions are discussed in the above article for understanding whether the reasons for not dialing a working number are proper or not.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why the dialed number is not working?

Due to several reasons such as invalid numbers, network issues or spam numbers, it will happen.

  • Are active numbers also considered non-working numbers?

Yes, sometimes it will happen that an active number is also considered a non-working number due to some service error. 

  • What are the effective remedies to deal with it?

The effective remedies to deal with this situation are to dial a number after some time, re-insert the sim card, recheck the number, call from another number and many more.

  • What do you do if the dialed number is not working?

If the dialed number is not working you can drop a message to the recipient for a callback.

  • On which side does the issue happen if the dialed number is not working?  

The problem persists on the recipient side if there is an issue with the sim card or network.

The Number You Dialed Is Not A Working Number-Know More

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