Unlock Channels Dish Network Receiver-Know More


The dish is a satellite television provider which allows you to watch channels from all across the world, if you are a person who wants the maximum number of channels with high-quality streaming, Dish is the right option for you. But sometimes not all channels are unlocked on Dish so users often ask, “Why am I not getting all my Dish channels?” Let’s know about Unlock Channels Dish Network Receiver.

Unlock Channels Dish Network Receiver

There might be a few reasons why your Dish doesn’t have more channels, some of the leading causes could be:

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  • Subscription Type
  • Payment Default
  • Errors in Programming Guide
  • End of Agreement Between Channel Providers

Subscription Type 

Subscription type or the type of package that you have subscribed to can determine the number of channels you will receive. You can change your package by going to Dish TV’s official website, sending a WhatsApp message or contacting their customer service.

  • Changing Your Dish Package Through The website

1. Register yourself on the official DISH TV website by following the steps:

  • Visit the website: https://www.dishtv.in/Pages/RegisterUser.aspx
  • Enter your Viewing Card number or your registered mobile number.
  • After submitting your Viewing Card or registered mobile number you will receive an OTP to confirm your account. Enter the code to validate your account or regenerate the OTP if you haven’t received it.
  • Enter your User Details including your name, E-mail, alternate mobile number, and user ID.
  • Make a password and confirm it.
  • Choose a security question and give its answer.

1. Look for the Dish package you want or scroll through the available options

2. Choose the package you want

3. Confirm your selection.

  • Changing Your Dish Package Through WhatsApp

1. You can contact Dish’s customer care on WhatsApp by messaging them on the contact number: 9953060680

2. Follow the guidelines they provide you to change your subscription.

  • Changing Your Dish Package Through Call

1. Contact Dish TV’s Customer service representatives by calling the number: 95017-95017

Follow the instructions are given by customer support to change your package which allows you to stream your desired number of specific channels.

Payment Default

When your Dish payment is overdue, your network provider may block your channels until you pay for the package you have applied for. Since the deals usually expire after a month, you will have to keep a check on the expiry date. If your deal has already expired then you have to recharge your account by:

  • Visiting Dish Tv’s official website: https://www.dishtv.in/  
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on payments, then select the option “Recharge
  • Now” or directly visit the page by following the link: https://www.dishtv.in/Pages/Instant-Recharge-Payment.aspx
  • Enter your Viewing Card number or Registered mobile number, proceed to payment and enter your Credit/Debit card credentials.
  • Confirm your payment.
  • To keep a check on your payment status, you can visit the website: https://www.dishtv.in/Pages/DIY/Recharge-Status-Tracker.aspx, then enter your transaction ID.
  • Click on ‘Submit’. You will receive an update regarding your payment status.

Errors in Programming Guide

Electronic Programming guides help in managing channels on Dish TV, one of the reasons why you aren’t getting all your channels is likely due to an error that has occurred with your receiver’s programming guide. This may be because of signal and authorization issues on the receiver’s end. Try troubleshooting your receiver device by resetting or changing the Programming Guide options from settings. For this you have to:

  • Open the receiver’s Program Guide.
  • Select the option for “all” channels.
  • Reset your receiver: Press the power button for five seconds then turn it back on OR unplug your device for ten seconds then re-plug it, this process may take 5 minutes to complete.

If your problem still doesn’t resolve then call customer support to deal with this situation.

End of Agreement Between Channel Providers

 Often channel owners end their agreements due to disputes (typically because of fee issues) or simply because their agreement expired without renewal. Unfortunately, little can be done in this circumstance as there is no guarantee of when the agreement will be renewed. What you can do is shift your options from Dish to other television providers such as Spectrum TV, Xfinity TV, Fubo TV, and Netflix.


Dish TV is one of the most used wireless satellite network channels since it provides a wide range of channel options to its users. Viewers who want more channels on their Dish TV receiver can upgrade their package, change programming guide settings and keep a check on their monthly payments. If the channels they want are not available on Dish TV, they can opt for other TV network providers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many types of Dish Receivers are there?

 Answer:  The types of Dish Receivers you’ll find in the market are Hopper 3, Hopper w/ Sling, Hopper, Hopper Duo, Wired Joey, Wireless Joey, Super Joey, and 4K Joey, but unlocking channels for all these receivers would require the same steps.

Q. Can I watch Add free programs on Dish TV?

Answer: You can install Dish TV’s latest Flix Box with your set-top box and choose from your favorite programs to watch add free, moreover, this feature doesn’t even require an internet connection as the content is directly downloaded to the Flix Box.

Unlock Channels Dish Network Receiver-Know More

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