What Is Aliexpress and how does it work?


Aliexpress is an online platform based in China where you can find any products from clothing, accessories, and electronic items to sports items. Aliexpress is an e-commerce website created by Alibaba group back in 2010. Aliexpress allows sellers to run their small businesses and sell their products directly to their buyers worldwide. Aliexpress is similar to Amazon and eBay except their sellers are mostly from china. But most customers in China are using Alibaba subsidiaries because it is convenient for them in delivery and payment methods. It is a large platform for producers but Aliexpress does not sell its products directly to customers. Also, there is an affiliated marketing app known as Alipay that gives partners rewards and commissions for sending their customers to their website. Here we will discuss what is Aliexpress and how does it work.

What Is Aliexpress and how does it work?

Aliexpress is mostly growing successfully in Europe, Russia, Brazil, and Italy. Because of its popularity, Aliexpress has translated to different languages like English, French, Russian, Italian, Brazilian, Portuguese, and Dutch.      

How Do Aliexpress Work?

Aliexpress works by creating your account on Aliexpress’s official website. By entering your email address, you can create your account or through your Gmail, Facebook, or Vk account. After creating your account, you will go into the categories section where you will choose the product you want to buy, after selecting your product, there will be a subdivision of products, each product will have its details of features with their pictures and everything about the products. After selecting a product, you will add the product to your cart and proceed with your payment method. You can choose your payment method via different options like a credit card, debit card, PayPal, and western union. The amount of the product which is written with the product is not your final amount, there will be taxes or VAT charges which will be included with your payment. The shipping will be quite a long minimum of 1 month or can exceed more than 1 month.  Here we will discuss what is Aliexpress and how does it work.

Is Aliexpress Authentic? 

Ali expresses reliability depends on whether you are buying on bulk purchases or from which brand because Aliexpress does not sell their product directly to customers, they connect customers to producers or people who want to start their small business. So sometimes you can connect to the authentic seller but most are not reliable and, commonly, the product you buy is different from what they have posted in pictures. Sometimes you will find reliable sellers mostly in electronics and mobile phones or sports products.

Aliexpress product categories

Aliexpress categorizes their products to make shopping easy for customers. Here is the list of categories of products of Aliexpress

Clothing for women, men, and Children





Sporting goods

Mobiles and tablets

Car accessories and motorcycles

Home appliances

Beauty and health articles

There are also subdivisions of categories where customers can choose their favorite items to buy.

Payment Methods of Aliexpress

Aliexpress has different payment methods. You can pay through your credit card, debit card, or western union or you can also pay through PayPal. But there are other options for Aliexpress payment Alipocket and Alipay which are alternatives and the same as PayPal.

Who can use Aliexpress?

Aliexpress app and website are used by millions of people all around the world. Customers from different countries buy products from Aliexpress and it is also translated into different countries like English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Dutch, Arabic, and Russian.  

Aliexpress Vs Alibaba

Alibaba and Aliexpress are the two largest e-commerce platforms that are used by millions of people around the world. However, Aliexpress is a variation of Alibaba and also owned by Alibaba but these two companies have different features of selling and buying. 

Aliexpress sales included mostly clothing, accessories, makeup, electronics, footwear, jewelry, and home appliances. Buyers at Aliexpress are mostly consumers and price ranges are the same as wholesale prices because it is a large platform where you can buy anything so most customers are a reseller and they buy the bulk of wholesale products and do dropship. Most sellers are looking for dropshipping. It is very easy to do their own business without any investments.

Alibaba sales include wholesale, exports, trading, agents, and manufacturers. Alibaba buyers are mostly wholesalers, manufacturers, and retailers.  


Aliexpress is the largest platform based in China and people from all around the world are buying products and also selling and starting their small businesses. It helps retailers to do their business online and allows customers effortless shopping. They also have great deals with a low price range with different payment options that will make it easier for customers and buyers without any obstacles. Here we discussed what is Aliexpress and how does it work.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the tips for using Aliexpress?

Several tips might help you while using Aliexpress including payment methods because most brands at Aliexpress do not accept payment from PayPal or Western union so it’s better to use your credit card. Another is that top brands don’t sell their products at Aliexpress and mostly Chinese sellers use fake products with the brand name. Aliexpress requires a shipping fee and sometimes sellers at Aliexpress offer free shipping which is mostly due to the fact that they will take more than a month to ship your products.

Does Aliexpress give you refunds?

 Aliexpress will approve your refund if you get the wrong product or if the quality is not the same as written in the details of the products but Aliexpress will not approve your refund if you had provided the wrong address and due to some factors your order isn’t delivered that are beyond the seller’s sight.

What Is Aliexpress and how does it work?

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