Apple TV stuck on Airplay screen- Know Steps to Fix

In a faultless world, Apple TVs are meant to function smoothly. Nevertheless, just as other digital devices in the real world, Apple TVs occasionally experience issues associated especially. Let know how to fix Apple TV stuck on Airplay screen.

Apple TV stuck on Airplay screen

Apple TVs aren’t always perfect and may occasionally present some challenges. For instance, many criticisms on the issues of Apple TVs being stuck on the airplay screen have been put across. However, there is a solution to your problem. In fact, there are multiple solutions to you problem. 

How can you fix this problem?

It can be frustrating when your Apple TV gets stuck on the airplay screen. However, do not be afraid, because I have six different solutions that can help address the issue at hand. These solutions are discussed below:

Solution I. Unpairing and pairing your remote to Apple TV

This is one of the most basic solutions you can use to address this issue. The solution involves two important steps.

Step i: Press and hold the Menu. Then overturn your the remote and mantain it in that position for about 6 seconds.

Step ii: Pair your remote and TV again by holding the Menu and then forwarding buttons concurrently for about 6 seconds.

Solution II. Restarting your Apple TV 

This solution is usually very effective for many users experiencing this issue and involves only two steps.

Step i: Navigate to Settings and choose the General option.

Step ii: after that, choose the Restart option and wait for your Apple TV to restart.

A second method of restarting your TV involves three steps 

Step i: Press and hold both Menu and Down buttons on your remote for 10 seconds.

Step ii: Release the remote buttons once you see the indicator light blinking continually.

Step iii: Unplug the Apple TV’s power cord, leave it off for some time, and then plug it back.

Solution III. Fixing the problem without Data Loss

If the above solutions are unable, consider incorporating professional software to help address the problem. By using professional software, you’ll be able to keep your data safe. One such software is the iMyFone Fixppo software. This software can repair several issues associated with iOS devices and Apple TVs. Another advantage of the iMyFone Fixppo software is that you can solve iOS and tvOS issues without experiencing any data loss.

In three easy steps, you can be able to solve the problem of your Apple TV being stuck on the airplay screen using Fixppo.

Step i. Launch the Fixppo on your computer or pc and choose to begin in Standard Mode. Connect the defective device to this computer, then select Next for the software to detect it. If your device isn’t detected, try putting it on DFU/Recovery mode.

Step ii. The program will search for the model. It will then display the available firmware. Choose that version and then Download it.

Step iii. The Fixppo software will then verify the firmware and bring it out before the process starts. Click the Start button to fix the issue.

Solution IV. Controlling your Apple TV using your iOS Device

You can try controlling the defective Apple TV through a different iOS device. You can accomplish this in five easy steps.

Step i: using the Apple App Store, Download the Apple TV Remote app on your iOS device.

Step ii: ensure that both your iOS device and Apple TV are well connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step iii: Open the Apple TV Remote app and choose the Add Apple TV option.

Step iv: Select Apple TV. If you don’t see this option, enter a four-digit code on your TV.

Step v: once your device is paired, you can easily control your TV via the iOS device.

Solution V: Resetting the Apple TV back to Factory Settings

By resetting your Apple TV, you may be able to fix various issues, including the one at hand.

Step i: On the Settings menu, select System.

Step ii: Choose the Reset option.

Step iii: then select Reset to reinstate the settings to default settings. Instead, on the Reset option, choose the option Update. This will take your device back to default settings and offer you the latest software on the Apple TV. However, you’ll need an internet connection.

Solution VI: Contacting Apple Support

If you cannot fix the problem yourself, kindly contact Apple Support. They will help fix your device or even replace it with a new one (If the problem can’t be fixed).


The above are all the possible solutions you can incorporate to try to fix your Apple TV and get it working again. Consider revising all the above solution and choose the one that best suit you. Also, do not let unequipped people interfere with your device because the may worsen he situation. Consider taking it to the nearest Apple store to be checked by a professional.

Apple TV stuck on Airplay screen- Know Steps to Fix

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