Cable Internet Keep Dropping – Know More

Damn! The Wi-Fi is down again! Cursing and shouting at that little box hung on your wall every day. Tired, are you not? After all, it will not reply to you! Even I hope my Wi-Fi box had feelings. Let Us Know how to resolve the Cable Internet Keep Dropping.

 Cable Internet Keep Dropping

Yes, losing your internet connection while working or even while watching a movie or playing video games can be pretty frustrating. Fluctuating signals and sudden “no signals” get on everybody’s nerves. But going bonkers over that silly cable internet box and blaming it would not change anything. On the bright side of things, you are not the only one my friend!

Now, bring it down to two broad issues about why you might be having a one-sided fight with your cable internet box. He is a friend, do not forget that!

  1. Your cable internet connection keeps fluctuating and dropping frequently
  2. Your cable internet automatically shuts down and loses signal

Well, now, before blaming that friend without whom your life would be an absolute mess in today’s world, why not just know the reasons behind these prevalent problems! We will guide you through it all and even give you solutions. No worries!

Cable internet connection is fluctuating: 

Have a glass of water and calm your nerves. The reasons why this might be happening are listed below.

  1. The problem may lay with your Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  2. The router firmware is not updated
  3. There are outstanding updates on the device you want to use your Wi-Fi on
  4. Overcrowding of network frequency
  5. A lot of devices are connected to the same internet cable
  6. The password is not strong enough and someone is probably sneaking into your network and using it for free! 
  7. The placement of the router hardware needs to be changed
  8. The hardware of the router has become old and rusty. Our Wi-Fi boxes age as well. These friends need care too!

What you should do: 

You don’t need to brood over it! The solutions to your problem are as easy as the reasons themselves.

  1. Call up your Internet Service Provider and scold them! Jokes apart, talk to them, and let them know what is happening.
  2. Update the router firmware
  3. Even update the devices you use. The problem may not always be with your connection.
  4. Try to connect fewer devices to the internet connection. You cannot make the wifi as busy as Grand Central Station!
  5. Make your Wi-Fi or cable internet password as strong as The Hulk.
  6. Your router needs a may need a holiday. Shift it to another room with better reception.
  7. Maybe it is time to say goodbye to the old friend. Just kidding! Don’t change the cable service, just the hardware. 

Your problem is most likely to be solved after considering the conditions and solutions. If not, unfortunately, you are in deep water. Time to get a new friend (your cable internet service provider) and dump the one who is betraying you!

Cable internet connection loses signal frequently or shuts down

This is even more infuriating than a slowed-down or fluctuating network. We can end up losing a whole day’s work of blood sweat and tears! 

  1. It is silly to consider but you might be connected to the wrong network
  2. God forbid but have a look if the cables are broken or not. That is some expensive stuff above all!
  3. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) has some underlying issues
  4. A net overload can also cause your connection to shut down
  5. Your device or the internet connection has due updates
  6. The device might have been blocked because of the wrong password input. Remember your passwords!

What you should do:

  1. Fix the broken cables if any
  2. Connect lesser devices to the Wi-Fi
  3. Keep yourself as well the router firmware updated! Helps a lot
  4. Contact your ISP for consultations. They have the best solutions!
  5. Have a proper usage cycle. Over usage or keeping the router switched on for a long time may lead to consequences. That box also needs some rest; it gets exhausted with all the work!

This issue is way more common than you think! After the taxing times caused by the pandemic everyone out there needs high-speed wifi connections in their houses. Work from home would not have been possible if it was not for all these Internet Service Providers giving their best efforts for our satisfaction. 

So, keep your hopes high, your issue will be looked after by them and solved in no time! You will be back to work or binge-watching your favorite series in a trice. All the best for hassle-free net surfing!


  1. Why does my cable internet keep dropping?

There may be an underlying problem with your network. Contacting the Internet Service Provider is the best and most convenient solution. Meanwhile, check for broken cables; reduce the number of connected devices. Try turning off the router and switching it on again. 

  1. Why does my connection keep going on and off?

There may be a problem with your router or ISP. Have a look at all the common issues and solutions which might help your situation. Most importantly have a strong password. Unwanted people logging into your network causes interruptions. 

  1. Should I change my Internet Service Provider (ISP)?

Before making an impulsive decision, make sure that you are sure that the problem is with your ISP and not just the router, or even the hardware. Try changing the placement or the box or regulating your internet usage before going to a new ISP altogether. If nothing works, then it is time you change your cable internet.

Cable Internet Keep Dropping – Know More

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