How To PC To Media Center a Complete Guide 

In this digital world, we’re becoming curious as the new technologies enter. And it is extraordinary to turn your old gadgets into a complete new tech because you know old is gold! It doesn’t take much to do; all you need is if you have an old computer or new one, turn it into a media PC Center which is known as HTPC (Home Theater Personal Computer). There’s no need for much firepower to generate a PC into media Center, but there are a few twists and turns on modifying it before your pc becomes HTPC. In this article we will talk about how to PC to media center a complete guide.

How To PC To Media Center a Complete Guide 

Let’s dodge in;

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A media Center guide:

● Check the specs:

The first great step to take is to check your computer’s specs before installing new software. There are two ways to check specs on your pc. 

1. Basic specs overview:

○ Tap right-click on the windows icon and select system 

2. Advanced specs PC:

○ Tap the windows icon 

○ Type system and click system information 

The system menu will provide the version of operating system, processors, and memory information. As a reference of Roku TV, it has 1.2 GHz quad-core processor and RAM of 2 GB. through years of process, Intel’s integrated graphics comes from many years-long way, it still takes a different processor to tackle 4k ultra HD stream process. Not only that, but it doesn’t take much complexity to process streaming including Netflix, HBO Max, sling TV and many more. 

If 1080p settling process is working for you, then it would speed up your PC, and you will get less worry about the terms of specs. At Last, but most important, make sure you have a proper internet connection. Speed matters for quick work. An ideal connection should be a wired connection. Though, wireless connection could be the best option too if your machine has good Wi-Fi antenna. 

You can even turn your PC into gaming ready! All you have to do is set up the pc, and then you can play your favorite games and even play games on twitch TV! However, there is lots of information you can figure out about how to have gaming experience on PC. 

Best programs to turn your old pc into a streaming media center:

● Media platforms:

To get wonderful experience of HTPC, choose your streaming and media platforms carefully. If you have a good internet speed, then what you’ll have to do is just grab a wireless keyboard and mouse and start operating your PC.

Here are some streaming options to dig into,

● Kodi is known as XBMC. It has the best local content you can ever discover. If you have bunches of files on your pc, then kodi is the solution. It can organize your files, and make it easy to pick something good to watch. 

● Plex is the same app as Kodi but also media server application. That means your local files can be available on their devices as well. You can use Plex’s app to play your files on mobile devices, streaming boxes etc. Moreover, you can use its channels and plug-ins to access services like Netflix, HBO Max etc.

● Windows might have enabled to continue, nevertheless if you have Windows system, you can find tools on Windows store. Windows has apps for services like Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify etc. so it is easy to run it through the windows.

Upgrade of media Center:

If you want to upgrade your media center, then put graphics and your processor. If you would like to go for gaming or streaming, then you need graphics card. 

Upgrading sound card would be a plus point too. It is noticeable sound card’s improvement if you’re going to use high quality sound system.

RAM enhancement is affordable, and it’s easy to use. It is one of the cheapest upgrade on your PC. You can get 2-4 GB RAM, moreover, many computers can be upgradable to 16 GB or even more.

If you have many files, you can use network attached storage server which help you to store and access files remotely from multiple systems. Moreover, they can save your previous data from earning lost.

How to control your media center PC (HTPS)?

You can control it by keyboard and mouse surely, but that could create a bit of complexity; however, you can find most of the options for sale online. You can use mobile devices or tablet that could work well with kodi.

Likewise, you don’t necessarily need a controller. Instead, you can have mini keyboard and trackpad. Not only that, but you can get all in one device that can have control, which you would get from keyboard and mouse.

Furthermore, you can include live TV too. HTPC are great for watching a live TV show. You can use skinny bundle services to watch live TV on media center PC. You can also connect with TV Tuner. It decodes the air TV signals.

At the end

To make your PC safe and secure, you can use VPN app. There’s many more is yet to be experienced you can investigate. 

How To PC To Media Center a Complete Guide 

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