Costco’s Price Adjustment Policy-Know More Of It

You could buy a product at a certain price today, and in just five days, the price of that same product decreases and you feel cheated and wish you had waited before getting that item just five days earlier. To curb situations like these, the Price Adjustment Policy was created. Brands and stores like Costco adopt these kinds of policies intending to improve the customer experience whilst ensuring brand growth. In this article, we will focus on Costco’s Price Adjustment Policy. We will discuss what it means, what it is all about, and how to access it and get the best out of it. Let’s Know more about Costco’s Price Adjustment Policy.

Costco's Price Adjustment Policy

As stated above, the Price Adjustment Policy is a policy guiding prices of retail products. With Costco Price Adjustment Policy, if you buy an item and the price drops within thirty days, then Costco will give you a refund of the difference compared to what you initially got the item for.

Breakdown of the Costco Price Adjustment Policy?

Different brands or stores make use of the Price Adjustment Policy. This means that different brands have different time limits or time frames as to when the price adjustment policy applies.

As aforementioned, the Costco Price Adjustment Policy holds that if a customer purchases an item from Costco, either in-store or online, and the price of that product drops within thirty (30) days of purchasing that item, then Costco will refund you the difference on it. This price reduction often happens due to promotions on that item or due to seasonal promotions like Christmas.

This means that if you buy an electric blender at $100, and the price reduces to $70 within 30 days of buying that electric blender, then if you request a refund, based on the price adjustment policy, it would be granted and you will receive a refund of $30. 

If you do not know about the price adjustment policy and how it works, you would miss out on saving a good amount of money that could be channelled into something else. Now that you know what the Costco Price Adjustment Policy is about, the next question to ask is how do I request a refund from Costco when I buy an item and the price is reduced within thirty days?

How to Get Money Back with Costco Price Adjustment

Regarding getting a refund, there are three things you should note. These include:

  1. You need to request a refund within 30 days from the date of the initial purchase.
  2. You cannot go to a Costco physical store to request a  refund on an item you bought online.
  3. The price adjustment online is different from the adjustment in physical stores. This is usually a bit higher due to the shipping cost. 
  4. The prices of other brands or stores cannot be used with Costco.

Keeping this in mind, stated below is the process on how to request a refund either for in-store or online purchases.

For in-store purchase

If you made your purchase in a physical Costco store, then simply go back to the store and request a refund on the adjusted price at the counter.

For online purchase 

You can fill out the Costco Price Adjustment form online to request a refund. 

You should also note that sometimes the promotional price has already been deducted from your purchase. So you can check if it has been deducted here before going ahead to request a refund.


Promotional sales during seasonal periods or Black Friday is a very good way to save money. Thanks to the Costco Price Adjustment Policy, you might not have gotten a product when the promotional sales begin but if it falls within thirty days of getting that product, you can as well be a partaker of it. 

Now that you know what the Costco Price Adjustment Policy is all about and how it works, be sure to make the best out of it when there is an available promotional sale. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Do I need a receipt to request a refund? What do I do if I lose my receipt?

Having a receipt for the initially purchased product is not mandatory to get a refund but it will make the process easier and faster. However, some Costco stores make it an important criterion, so it is advisable to hold on to your receipt.

If you do not have your receipt anymore, and it is needed, you can:

  1. Use your Costco card. With your card details, customer care can check for the purchase and confirm it.
  2. Visit Costco’s customer care and request another receipt. Asking for details of the purchased items, they will check it out on their system and print out the new receipt.

2. Are there any exceptions on items that the price adjustment policy applies?

No, there are no exceptions on the kind of products that the price policy works for.

However, if Costco’s end is reluctant on the refund, you can simply return the item and repurchase it.

Costco’s Price Adjustment Policy-Know More Of It

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