Ping The Return Policy – And Know More

Discount offers and a hassle-free returning policy are the two main factors that can increase the buying chances of a customer. Similarly, Ping knows how to take care of the customers’ needs and offers a convincing return policy, so that one can save themselves from losing their money, if not satisfied. Let us know more about Ping Return Policy.

Ping Return Policy


Ping has a one-month standard return policy, which helps the customers to return the product if they change their minds within the given period. Moreover, on the other hand, Ping will not be able to consider the product once it comes after a month and no refund or exchange can be offered. Items that include subscriptions are exempted from being returned.

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Returning Product Online:

While returning your product online, these pointers need to be considered: 

  • The item must be in proper condition, with its original packaging that you received. 
  • When returning, attach your order confirmation, receipt, and labels.
  • Complete the form that is given on the invoice’s back side.
  • Attach the form and return label with the product. 
  • Before dispatching your purchase, call customer care to get confirmation.
  • Get the shipping product’s tracking information.
  • 42 Revel stoke Road, London, SW18 5PD, United Kingdom is where you should ship your package.
  • The cost of your shipping for returning your goods is your concern. The firm will not be responsible for bearing the expense of shipping costs while returning.

Returning Products Through Stores: 

Moreover, if you want to return the product by visiting the store physically, the process is not much more time-consuming than and request for a return on spot. One can directly visit the nearest store location, even if you haven’t got it from there. A few general pointers need to keep in mind while appealing for return on store:

  • Bring your item, which must be in its original condition and not defected.
  • Order confirmation form. 
  • The original receipt to the store.
  • Your bank card, if used while purchasing that product. 

Once you are done with these general requirements, you can simply approach any salesperson at the store and ask them to process your return.


After the whole process, once the package has been shipped and inspected. The customer will be notified via email of his returned product. Moreover, approval or rejection of your refund will also be informed through email. 

The refund procedure of Ping takes up to 15 working days, once your product is eligible for the refund; you will be notified of the approval and get confirmation mail of the procedure. Your credit card or initial method of payment will be debited automatically.

Late Or Missing Refunds: 

There can be a situation where due to a technical error; one might not receive their refunds back on time. In these scenarios, one must check their bank account again, as it might take more than the usual time to be deposited in the account. Moreover, one should then contact their credit card company if this is prolonged. After trying all the possible methods but if the issue remains unrecoverable, then the customer can reach out to them at 

Not Eligible For The Refund 
  • If the item is defective and it is not in the same condition as it was delivered at the time of purchase, the refund will not be entertained.
  • Goods, which were purchased on sale, will not be refunded. Only fixed-priced items are eligible for a refund. 
  • If the original receipt and label are missing, this can cause a problem for a customer at the time of requesting a refund. 
Exchange But Can Not Be Refunded: 

The exchange policy of Ping is more or less similar to their refund policy, but there are some conditions on which the customer can exchange their products. 

The product can be exchanged within the same period as a refund, which is 30 days. But the exchange policy is only applicable if the customer is delivered a defective piece. There is no option of buying a new product even if it is of the same amount and you are only restricted to exchange with that same damaged product at the time of purchase. 


Every company has its way of catering to its customers’ needs and making its procedures less time-consuming and hassle-free. Their return scheme of 30 days can satisfy more customers and will be able to buy the product with more confidence, as they will have enough time to change their minds, but with few restrictions. 

Customers can return their products online as well as through stores, no matter which mode of shopping they have chosen, whether online or in stores. One can easily exchange their item on any Ping store, whereas for return, they have to follow their rules and if they get the approval for their refund, the whole amount excluding the shipping cost will be debited within 15 working days. 

You can ask in the comments section or speak with a customer care representative if you have any specific questions.

Ping The Return Policy – And Know More

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