Know Which insurance company offers a student discount?

In this article, we will be looking at some of the insurance companies that offer students a discount. Getting a student discount can help you save a lot of money. Let’s Know more about Which insurance company offers a student discount?

Which insurance company offers a student discount?

Education is indeed costly for the majority of the students. You have expenses for studying, accommodation, food, and other miscellaneous expenses. Insurance costs will make your expenses even more. So finding an insurance company that offers students a discount is a good way to save money. But finding such an insurance company is indeed a hectic task. But there are companies which offer such discounts for students. We would look at some of the companies that offer such discounts for students

Insurance companies that offers a student discount

The list of insurance company thet offers a student discount

  • Progressive
  • Geico
  • State farm
  • Allstate
  • Nationwide


Progressive has some affordable insurance pricing since they know that students are inexperienced drivers and have a higher probability of meeting an accident so they keep their price low. They also give high insurance rates. teenagers till the age of 18 and below would get teen insurance. 

That’s not the end, Progressive offers a student discount for students under the age of 23. The criteria for this is to have an academic result of a 3.0 GPA in each academic year. You would need to submit your progress report in order to avail the student discount. Progressive gives a discount of 10%. But it would vary from location to location


Geico was selected as the best car insurance for students by last also has a good support system with the use of a digital platform.GEICO has a very useful mobile app that can help students to apply for discounts and know other useful pieces of information. GEICO offers a discount of  15%. GEICO gives discounts to students who complete a driver’s education course.

State farm

State Farm is one of the best automobile insurance firms which offers students discounts. The firm has a catalog of student discounts that a student can avail of. If you fulfill their requirements then State Farm may offer students discounts up to 25%. Just like Progressive, State farm’s policies would differ from location to location. The students who want to avail of student discounts would have to get around a GPA of 3.0. Student away discount is offered to students who only drive when not at school. You need to live at least 100 miles away to avail this facility

Allstate car insurance

Allstate car insurance is rated as the overall best automobile insurance for college students as per Investopedia. It offers specially tailored insurance for college-going students. Allstate car insurance offers students discounts up to 25% for college-going students. They have kept some criteria to avail students discounts like maintaining a B grade in each semester. 

By completing the teenSmart program, students can avail that discount option. Another requirement is that the student must be living 100 miles away from the school or college the student is studying. Allstate car insurance has also a scheme called Allstate’s Milewise program. By joining this scheme, the student won’t have to pay insurance money for a specific time interval rather the company would calculate insurance by the fuel consumption of the driver. This scheme is beneficial for students who don’t drive their vehicles too much.


Nationwide is another company that offers discounts for student automobile insurance. Nationwide gives insurance mostly for students who don’t drive their car much  They have some criteria for giving discounts for students. It includes

  • Students must be between the age of 18 to 24
  • College student with a grade of B
  • The student should be at least 100 miles away from their place of living

Students must provide valid proof to the insurance company to avail of the discount.


Many companies give the provision for discounts to students who use vehicles. Insurance companies know that most of the students have very less experience in driving a vehicle and they might end up in an accident hence insurance companies provide insurance for students. Availing of student discount will help students a lot as they have many expenses and this would be a relief for them

Frequently asked questions
  1. Why should students avail of discounts for their car insurance-Most of the students have less experience driving and they have a high chance of meeting with an accident. also, they have other expenses in their school or college
  2. What are some of the companies which offer student discounts- GEICO, Nationwide, Allstate, Progressive, State Farm
  3. How many grades should a student have in order to avail of a student discount- students should have a minimum GPA of 3.0 in order
  4. How long should you stay away from your place of living if an insurance company requires you to stay away-  the student must be living at least 100 miles away from the place of living
Know Which insurance company offers a student discount?

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