Samsung Dryer Not Heating- Know More About It

Dryers are one of the home appliances that make house chores easily done for families. It is quite common in many homes that are able to afford it. Samsung is one of the brands that produce dryers. Samsung dryers may malfunction, especially, the heating up of the machine. When Samsung dryer do not heat up, the primary function of such machine is defeated. It does not produce enough heat (or no heat at all) needed to dry clothes. Let’s find out the reasons why Samsung Dryer is Not Heating up.

Samsung Dryer Not Heating

Signs To Notice To Detecting Malfunction In Samsung Dryers. 

Step 1: It takes more than the required time to heat up.

Step 2: Clothes do not get dried up.

Step 3: The electricity voltage is not high to generate the amount of heat needed.

Step 1:

The Samsung dryer usually have a time range it requires to heat up for it to be able to dry clothes. If the machine does not generate a certain amount of heat within a time frame, definitely something is wrong. For example; the Samsung dryer is expected to heat up to 50⁰ centigrade within two minutes but, it takes seven minutes and the heat generated is 20⁰ centigrade. 

Step 2:

Clothes put into the Samsung dryer do not get dried up to satisfaction the dryer is expected to. 

Step 3:

Often times, the voltage of electricity available may be low that it is not enough to power the Samsung dryer to optimum level. 

Some Common Issues That Makes Samsung Dryer Not To Heat Up

The below are the common issues that may make Samsung dryers not to heat up. 

Burnt Heating Element

Heating element is the main part of a Samsung dryer that generates heat for the dryer to dry clothes. When it gets burnt, it will give off a burnt smell. Hence, the dryer will not be able to generate required heat.

Burnt Thermal Cut Off Fuse

Thermal Cut Off fuse are usually present in Samsung dryers of different models. They serve as a protector to the heating element in Samsung dryers. So, instead of the heating element to receive the high voltage that can burn the heating element, the thermal cut off fuse takes the hit. So, if burnt, Samsung dryers may not work.

Failure of The Cycling Thermostat

Samsung dryers rely on cycling thermostat to generate the amount of heat needed to dry clothes. It is the cycling thermostat that does the work in regulating the heat so that the dryer will not give off unrequired heat that may be harmful. 

Failure of The Control Board Heater Relay

By the name control board, it means a central control system that serves as where all components of the Samsung dryer get operation command. The Relay Heater on the control board functions as the unit that supplies power to the heater when the need arise. Therefore, when it is faulty, the dryer may not generate heat and the other units on the control board may be functioning.

How Can You Check A Samsung Dryer To Detect The Possible Reason For Not Heating Up?

There are possible ways to inspect your Samsung dryer to know the possible cause. Here are some suggested steps to take. 

Step 1: Visual Inspection. 

Step 2: Use of Inspection Instrument.

Step 3: Engage A Technician. 

Step 1:

You may want to do a personal check on your Samsung dryer after noticing it is not heating up and you may also have to check the heating up resistance element, to see if it is rusty. 

Step 2:

You may want to use technical instruments to run a check on the heating up resistance element. For example, a multimeter device can be used to test the element’s resistance. It is expected to read 10 ohms, if yes, it shows it is working fine but, if otherwise, it shows there is a fault in the resistance element. 

Step 3:

If the first two steps are not possible for you to carry out, kindly engage a technician to handle the job. It is advisable to contact the Samsung office nearest to you for help. 


It is important to take proper measures to keep the Samsung dryer safe and effective. While some inevitable faults (due to depreciation) may occur at some time, proper measures like safeguarding its coil and susceptible parts from salt solutions and other corrosive liquid should be taken seriously. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Use A Samsung Dryer?

Anybody of interest can use a Samsung Dryer for laundry purposes. However, parents or guidance are advised to keep children who are not of age away from operating the machine for safety purposes. 

What Does A Samsung Dryer Do?

It is a home appliance used for drying up clothes. 

What Is The Price Of  A Samsung Dryer?

Please check Samsung website on to know the prices of various Samsung dryers. 

Can I Use Samsung Dryer To Warm Meals? 

No, it is not advisable to use it for such purpose. 

Can I Use Samsung Dryer To Warm Water?

No, it is not advisable to use it for such purpose. 

Why Is Samsung Dryer Overheating?

It may be that it is exposed to hot temperature in an enclosed environment or it is operating under hot temperature outside. For example; it is being exposed to sunlight radiation. 

Why Is My Samsung Dryer Light Blinking?

It is a sign of overheating. It is indicating that the dryer is exposed to unconducive hot environment.

How Can I Know If It Is Under A Warranty?

To know if your it is under a warranty, please check the mannual booklet attached to your machine.

Samsung Dryer Not Heating- Know More About It

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