Windstream VS ATT -Communication Service


Nowadays, telecommunication is a very important tool as everyone needs to communicate with others over a long distance and ensure they stay on the line to get the information needed. All of these will not be done without the telecommunication industry. Windstream and AT&T are the two companies famous for telecommunication.Let us know about Windstream and ATT in this article.The comparison of Windstream vs ATT are given.Windstream is a small company compared to ATT.Availability of Windstream vs ATT are given.This article is about Windstream vs ATT in telecommunication service.

Windstream VS ATT

Windstream VS AT&T

Sometimes we get confused about which one to choose between these two companies. I would like to say both have their strengths and weaknesses. Although, Windstream is a small company compared to AT&T, it is suitable for people with tight budgets. But AT&T offers more internet plans to their customers.

Well, if you want to know more about both companies, keep reading.

Windstream incorporation

Windstream incorporation is a telecommunication company that deals with providing network and communication services.

 It serves more than 8.1 million customers in 21 states, making it the country’s seventh-largest residential telephone provider.

AT&T corporation

American Telephone and Telegraph Company is also a telecommunication company that offers a lot of communication services. It is a company that is recognized all over the world. As a result, you’ve most likely heard about it. But, in comparison to other big cellular carriers like Verizon and T-Mobile, does AT&T have good cell phone plans?. That’s what we are dealing with next. 

Comparison Between Windstream And At&t Corporation

In the United States, AT&T Internet and Windstream are two commonly available internet service providers. Windstream offers a variety of DSL and cable internet plans without the need for an annual contract.  There are other comparisons which are:

Based On Internet Plans

PBB, fiber, and fixed wireless connections are available via AT&T Internet, with non-fiber options starting at $55 per month. Windstream’s cheapest DSL plan, on the other hand, starts at $59.99 per month. The most expensive fiber option, with gigabit download speeds over fiber, costs $89.99 per month.

Base On Packages

Windstream gives new Kinetic Internet subscribers a $100 Visa prepaid card and the first three months of service for free, as well as a free modem when they sign up for the service. AT&T Internet, on the other hand, offers free HBO Max and Google Stadia with its fiber plans and packages.

Based On Internet Speed

AT&T gives you more download speed and price options. Although not everyone requires gigabit speeds, you may require speeds greater than 100 Mbps. AT&T Internet also runs specials virtually every month, allowing new members to take advantage of the discounts. Windstream’s monthly cost is not just reasonable, but it also offers a somewhat wider range of plan options. Windstream may be a better alternative if you’re searching for more cheap and flexible plans in places where high-speed internet providers are restricted. One big drawback is that the connection speeds are inconsistent.

Based On Fees

When comparing AT&T Internet to Windstream Internet, keep in mind that there are additional or hidden fees, as well as rigid contracts. Windstream offers contract-free options, which provide you with more freedom to transfer or upgrade your services. 

AT&T Internet charges a $35 one-time activation cost and a $99.00 expert installation fee. However, depending on current promotions, you may be able to skip the first if you choose self-installation and the second if you choose self-installation. The one-time activation charge for Windstream is $50, and the professional installation fee is $35. If you prefer to self-install, it provides free self-installation kits that include the modem, installation instructions, and phone technical assistance. 

Based On Availability and coverage

At&t has much more coverage than Windstream as it covers like 21 states and Windstream only covers 18 states

  • Based on Customer service

 It is said that At&T are more receptive to their customers tham Windstream. At&T has more rating than Windstream in that aspect

  • Based on data limits

Windstream has no data limits for any of it’s plans. It’s allows you to browse and use your plan freely without thinking of limits. While for At&t they only offer unlimited data for their customers that opts for fiber options. In this aspect, it’s better for you to subscribe for At&t.

  • Based On Contracts

If you want to rent any equipment from At&T, the tenure will be for a minimum of one year and there is also an early termination fee, activation fee of $35 and the professional charges are huge. But for Windstream, they do not charge any early termination fee but their activation fee is $50 and professional charges are also kind of the high side.


Both telecommunication companies are good but they have their strengths and weakness. But, AT&T is a much better company recognized globally with better services than Windstream. Both are good, but it all depends on your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the customer care at AT&T good?

AT&T Internet has an A+ rating for customer care. When dealing with clients, the staff is known for being quick to respond and focused on finding solutions.

How is the customer care at Windstream?

Windstream’s customer service isn’t great, and it could use some improvement in terms of responding to customers’ problems and issues. It hasn’t received a BBB rating yet.

Windstream VS ATT -Communication Service

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