Find BT Contract End Date – How to Find It!

   One of the most common accessories in our contemporary world is a good mobile phone. Interestingly, they are pivotal in our daily routines. It is almost impossible to have a day without the need to complete or initiate a transaction. This is to emphasize on the importance of phone, and what you must do to make it durable and long lasting. Let us see how to find BT contract end date.

Find BT Contract End Date

BT Contract

According to research, BT seem to be the perfect place to change your mobile phone. You don’t have to break the bank to enjoy these interesting offers. If you already initiated a contract with BT and you are interested in finding how to identify the end date, your answer is here. The easiest way to find your BT contract end date is by checking My BT account portal.

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How do I find My Contract end date with BT?

• Log into your MY BT account website or portal

• Choose your orders from the support menu

• Pick the current broadband contract and choose the show contract terms

• Every bit of information and responsibilities regarding your contract details must be listed under the contract terms.

BT Contract Terminated

You might be wondering what happens when your contract ends. Some people think an ended contract automatically cancels everything with BT and that’s not true. Whenever your contract is reviewed or changed, you will not be disconnected, but you will be charged the full price. Also, you can put a call across to this number 0800800030, it is specifically for contract renewals.

How can I get out of my BT Contract?

Users that are interested in cancelling the contract must understand they have to pay a fee called early termination fee. This is only applicable, if you can pay before the conclusion of the lowest contract period. The end of the minimum contract period varies. It is usually between 12, 18 or 24 months, from the date of commencing service.

Contract renewal

Some customers are interested in knowing if there are renewal services at BT. However, customers who want to recontract or improve their landline or phone services with an already existing BT broadband, your service will be automatically renewed. This offer gives customers the privilege to enjoy these services for the most possible duration for the entire contract without any serious issues or problems.

Also, new or existing customers have access to existing BT deal. Switching is one of the best in recent years, it helps you to dodge set up fees, without any changes to your broadband service. This is one of the reasons why major connection cannot be done separately. Whenever you stop your landline, you have the right to make adequate changes as an asset with cancellation charges. Each penny spent on the broadline is included in the broadband coast and writing without wiring

Online Services

Just like other companies, BT does not give customers the chance to cancel their contract online. If you want to cancel your contract, you will have to call the customer retention team. The advantage of calling this team is that they help with listing numerous benefits like including deals and offering savings.


Finding the BT contract end date is not a herculean task. It can be done by anyone within 5 mins. Just do everything within your power to retrieve whatever you might have lost. You have the opportunity to alter the set date by pleading to adjust such date. BT contract offer the best of internet services as well as a good mobile phone offer. Choose BT contract today and enjoy the best of internet services.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I leave the broadband contract early?

Yes, customers decide if they want to leave the contract as early as possible. The only issue with an early exit is the extra charges. Customers that decide to reject their broadband before the minimum term is over will have to pay the exit fee. The amount you will be requested to pay is determined by the provider. The breakdown of the extra charge includes payment for the older months plus any other additional expenses that was incurred.

2. How long is a BT contract?

BT has different contract and each of them vary in length. There are some contracts that ends in 24 months, while some are 18 and the other is 12. However, BT mobile contract is usually for 12 months for sim only and 24 months for your mobile device.

3. Is there any penalty for Cancelling BT contract?

Yes, the contract has a penalty which is usually called early termination charge. The charges is an addition of the balance of monthly fee for my BT plan, subtract VAT and 1% discount. Another way of calculating this charge is by calculating 82.5% of your remaining monthly charges. Customers are to be careful of ending their contracts and ensure their availability before proceeding to sign a contract.       

Find BT Contract End Date – How to Find It!

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