Fire Tv Not Recognizing USB

Fire Tv is a line of online entertainment streaming and broadcasting from small digital consoles developed by Amazon. This small metal box connects to the USB port on the television and displays a wide range of audio and videos from online channels. The Fire Tv USB is operated using a remote control, which allows you to access over a thousand subscribed channels and apps. Let’s know why fire tv not recognizing USB.

Fire Tv Not Recognizing USB

As an electronic device, there can be many explanations, the USB port is unable to recognize the fire Tv when it connects to the television. In addition, the device cannot turn on or delay audio and video streaming. The device can display an error if:

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  • USB Drive not supported 
  • Enabled debugging
  • Faulty power cable
  • Unsupported HDMI input
  • Conflicting applications
  • Faulty ethernet cable

How to fix Fire Tv USB errors?

The USB recognition error on the Fire Tv can resolve by looking into certain zones causing the hinderance.

  1. Ensure the USB drive is supported

The main reason the Fire Tv fails to recognize the USB is that some devices only connect to a usb drive that is 2.0 and lower in disk space. Some USB drives do not have enough memory to store apps and can only allow viewing of videos. Format the USB device to create more space for video streaming. Select my fire tv settings, then choose USB Device and the Format option. Restart the device before copying apps into the hard drive.

  1. Disable the Debugging option

The Fire Tv will fail to recognize the USB if the debugging option is on. Developers turn on this feature when adding different apps to the device. Disable debugging in the developer options on the Fire Tv settings.

  1. Changing the Fire Tv power cable

Often, a fault in the device’s power source can cause the Fire Tv not to recognize the USB. This is because the device needs high energy and electricity to function. Make sure the Fire Tv console is plugged into a powerful electric outlet. Thus, the console is running on high power and still displaying a USB error, it is advised to replace the power cable for the device to operate correctly.

  1. Use the proper HDMI outlet

Television sets have multiple HDMI ports to connect several devices. Connect the Fire TV to the designated port for the device to work. Once the device and the port are connected, the USB error will resolve. In addition, it is suggested to use an HDMI extender to improve the functioning of the Fire Tv remote.

  1. Uninstall interfering applications

Many times, installing applications to manage the files and viewing videos can interfere with the performance of the Fire Tv USB. For example, if specific applications link with an external hard drive, then the USB will cast an error. To resolve this issue, uninstall problematic applications, restart the device and plug in the USB back.

  1. Check the internet connection

The USB device display an error when the Fire Tv connects via a wired internet connection. In addition, if the device is not getting sufficient power over a cable connection; it is suggested to disconnect the ethernet wire and link the device with strong Wi-Fi.

  1. Fix the resolution of the television

The Tv’s resolution is incompatible with the device displaying a USB recognition error. The user manual can help you set the fire tv console to work with the television. You can also search online on how to set up the device with the required settings.

  1. Restarting and re-plug the device

The most efficient way to fix errors is to restart the Fire Tv device. Go to settings and click restart. If the error still shows, disconnect the device from the television and hold the power button for a few seconds. Then, connect the tv back to the device and turn it on. 

  1. Factory reset the device 

Even after the device has restarted, the USB recognition error is displayed; the last step to resolve this issue is to factory reset the Fire Tv device. First, click on the reset to factory defaults in the settings option. This will format the device, uninstall all the applications and saved files and take the device back to its original settings.

  1. Consult a qualified technician

When all the above steps fail to resolve the USB recognition error, the last step is to take it to the qualified person who deals in these complex gadgets. They plug the device into their system and can detect the minor issues the commoner can resolve.


Like any other device, the Amazon Fire Tv can stop working for various reasons. The most common is when the device cannot recognize the USB port from an enabled debugging to a low power supply or simply an issue of compatibility with the television. Identifying the areas of concern, the issue can resolve to make the device work again.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. What is the retail price of Fire Tv console?

Retail price of the Amazon Fire Tv is $119.99

  1. Is Fire Tv a good option to buy

The Fire Tv allows you to stream different apps, videos, movies and music at an affordable price.

Fire Tv Not Recognizing USB

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