How to Watch NCIS Hawaii?

NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service). This is a crime action drama franchise that premiered on the CBS network on September 20, 2021, as the show’s official television network. The commendable way to view the show is via Paramount+. Of course, Paramount isn’t the only way to watch NCIS Hawaii, but it is the best way because one can watch both previous seasons and new seasons on the streaming service. How to watch NCIS Hawaii? Let us know in this article.

How to Watch NCIS Hawaii?

Cast of NCIS Hawaii 

The NCIS drama was made possible by the following actors: Vanessa Lachey, Alex Tairant, Noah Mills, Yasmine AL-Bustami, Jason Antoan, Tari Anderson, and Kian Talan.

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What is NCIS Hawaii About?

This CBS action drama franchise is about one Jane Tennant, who is the first female special agent in charge of NCIS Pearl Harbor. Even though the system has been constantly pushing her back on her every step, she has worked very hard and managed to rise through the ranks, Together with her passionate, resilient, and committed team, they investigate high-stake crimes involving national security, military personnel, and the mysteries of the sun-drenched island paradise. While doing this, they try to balance their duty to their families and country.

How to Stream NCIS Hawaii on Paramount+?

The reason why Paramount is the best way to stream NCIS Hawaii, is because it has all the episodes and the show is watched on-demand the day after it airs live on CBS, so you don’t need to worry about missing an episode. The following plans allow you to access NCIS Hawaii on Paramount+

Paramount+ Premium

With this plan, you gain access to your local CBS station, so you will be able to watch NCIS episodes when they air live on Monday nights at 10 p.m. However, you will still see commercials on CBS. In addition, this plan also provides on-demand ad-free access to Paramount content, including NCIS Hawaii.

 Paramount+ Essential 

Unlike Paramount+ premium, the paramount+ essential plan does not offer live CBS, so you will have to wait a day for new episodes. For $4.99 per month, you can unlock the Paramount Essential plan.

 In What Other ways can you stream NCIS Hawaii? 

The fact that you can buy NCIS Hawaii “as a download” on Paramount+ allows you to stream the show on other streaming devices. One can stream NCIS Hawaii on the following streaming services: Prime Video, VUDU, Vudu Movie,FuboTv, Apple TV, and DIRECTV.

Steps to see NCIS Hawaii on Roku

  • Subscribe to Paramount +
  • Go to your Roku Menu and navigate to “search” and press “OK.”
  • Enter “Paramount” in the search bar.
  • Select the streaming service and press “OK”.
  • Select “Add Channel” and press “OK”.
  • Paramount is now installed.
  • Log in with the credentials you used to subscribe on Roku.
  • Search for NCIS Hawaii and watch the show.

Steps to See Paramount+ on Fire TV 

  • Subscribe to Paramount+
  • Click the search icon on your Fire TV home screen.
  • Enter “Paramount” in the search bar.
  • Select the streaming service and press “OK.”
  • Select “download” to install +Paramount
  • Paramount+ is now up and running.

Steps to see Paramount on Apple TV.

  • Subscribe to Paramount+
  • Go to the search icon
  • Enter “Paramount” in the search bar.
  • Select Paramount and click the cloud to download.
  • Successfully installed Paramount.

What is the Current Season of NCIS Hawaii?

NCIS Hawaii is currently on the 22nd episode of its first season. The season begins as Vanessa Lachey leads an unwavering team to fight crime. The rest of the episodes are dominated by drama and amazing crime mysteries that the team tries to uncover.


CBS has done it again!NCIS Hawaii is one of the best crime drama series on the broadcast network, and now that it’s returning to TV, fans should have their popcorn ready for movie nights. The flexible and affordable plans that one can watch NCIS Hawaii with are more welcoming for every viewer. We expect even more series and shows from CBS in the coming season.

Commonly asked questions

Was NCIS Hawaii canceled?

After some time away, NCIS Hawaii is expected to return after being renewed for a 20th anniversary season, which will air as part of the 2022-2023 broadcast. 

What are the Ratings for NCIS Hawaii? 

The crime drama series, which is at 1723 ratings, has rather disappointing ratings. Currently, more viewers gave the series a Lonestar than a five-starter. Maybe it wasn’t great for everyone.

Can one Watch NCIS Hawaii on Netflix? 

 No, NCIS Hawaii isn’t available on Netflix since the show is a CBS original, so it only airs Mondays on the network. However, only Netflix US has access to NCIS Hawaii. Other regions will just have to watch it on their local CBS channel.

Is NCIS Available on Hulu?

Hulu offers CBS on its plan, so one can watch live episodes of NCIS Hawaii. With a plan of $69.99 per month, you can unlock the CBS channel and catch the latest episodes of NCIS Hawaii.

How to Watch NCIS Hawaii?

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