How Do I Add A Second Roku To My Account?

You can add or link more than one device to a Roku account without spending any extra bucks. This simplifies the process of arranging multiple devices and helps you keep track of your subscriptions. let’s know How Do I Add A Second Roku To My Account?.

How Do I Add A Second Roku To My Account

So, how do you add a second Roku to your account? The process is simple. For that, you need to log in it , click the link account, connect your Roku device to the internet, restart, enter a code that is provided by it, and select channels. 

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However, Roku allows you to create different accounts for different devices too. Let’s look into the process of adding a new device to your current Roku account in detail. 

How Do I Add A Second Roku To My Account: Step By Step 

It always allows you to create a new account for each device. This basically depends upon your choice. 

If you have multiple TVs in your home that are connected to multiple Roku devices, bringing them all under one single Roku account would let you watch the same channels, add or remove channels from one place, and also provide the opportunity to share your subscribed channels. Essentially, it depends on how many devices the streaming services allow. 

So, let’s see the steps to add a second Roku to your existing account: 

Step 1: Log In To Your Roku Account

First, you need to log in to your current account from your smartphone or computer. 

Step 2: Click Link A Device Option

After you log in to your current Roku account, go to Manage Account. Click the “Link a device” option that is on the bottom right of the screen. 

Step 3: Connect Your Device To The Tv

Now you have to connect your new Roku device to your TV. Once you connect it, it will look for the internet. Add the device to your internet by providing your wireless code. You can also link the device to your router through an Ethernet cable.  

Step 4: Update The Device

Once you connect the Roku device to the internet, it will ask for an update. Follow the instructions to update the device. The whole process takes a short time. After the update, the device will go through an automatic reboot process. 

Step 5: Enter The Code

The screen that you’ll see after the device is rebooted will have a link along with a code. In the initial step, you clicked the “Link a device” option, and it led you to a page where it showed a box asking for a code. That’s where you have to provide the code and then press submit. 

Step 6: Payment Information 

The next step will take you to the payment information page, where it will ask you to provide information about your credit or debit card. This step is not necessary for now. You can click the Skip button that is on the bottom right. 

Step 7: Select Channels 

Now Roku will display a page suggesting a list of channels. Select your preferred channels from the list and click Continue to complete the process. 

However, you can add up to 20 devices to one Roku account, and you can’t add more than one device at a time. 

How To Create A Roku Account 

Creating an account with Roku is completely free. But to complete the sign-up process, Roku will ask you to provide billing details. Although it’s for the purpose to streamline your future purchases. 

Creating an account with Roku is a piece of cake. All you need is to:  

  • Go to Roku’s official website. 
  • Click “Sign In”
  • Now click the Create Account option that is on the right side of the screen. 
  • Fill in the information form and make sure your email is valid and the password you provide is strong. Click to continue. 
  • The next step will show you three options, asking about your PIN preferences. Select one option according to your needs. 
  • Choose a payment method and then save and continue. Roku currently allows credit/debit or Paypal information. 
  • Finally, connect the Roku account and device together. That’s it, you are good to go. 

 You can create it from both the web browser and the app. 

Few Last Words 

In order to enjoy and organise your multiple Roku devices, it’s best to control them all with a single account. When people query, how do I add a second Roku to my account? The answer is pretty straightforward. It only takes a few minutes. For your convenience, this article has demonstrated the entire process step by step. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do I need to have a separate Roku account for each TV?

It’s not necessary to have separate accounts for your different Roku devices. In fact, you can add all the Roku devices in your home to one Roku account. As both options exist, you can choose either according to your convenience. 

Do I need to have a Roku device for each TV?

Yes, you need an individual Roku device for each TV. But you can use one Roku device on different TVs. 

Is Netflix free on Roku?

Roku allows you to download the Netflix app for free, but to enjoy the content, you need to purchase their subscription. 

How Do I Add A Second Roku To My Account?

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