Military Survivors Benefits – Know More

The death of a loved one is devastating. It leaves a deep vacuum in the family if the deceased is the only one taking care of the family’s well-being. The military survivors benefits takes care of the well-being of the family of a member who dies after retirement or within the service year.

Military Survivors Benefits - Know More

The military survivors’ benefits encompasses  a life insurance policy that handles the welfare of an individual when they experience a loss. The benefits accrued from the members who subscribe to it are more valuable than a life insurance policy.

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How To Register For The Military Survivor Package?

No one can tell when they will breathe their last. The military survivors package is only open to staff of the military force, to secure the financial life of the personnel’s family on their demise after his service year or while on service, The individual on retirement will fill the survival benefits package form authorizing the organization to keep a part of his or her monthly income. Signing up for the package is not compulsory, but it’s a necessary. Some members don’t subscribe to the survivors benefits package. In a situation where the retirees spouse approaches the commission and demands that his/her spouse should subscribe to the program, the commission will have no choice but proceed with the agreement.

Any member of staff that was not married at the time of retirement and is married has the opportunity to register for the package if they so desire within the first one year. Any member that declined the registration at retirement, has no other opportunity to access the benefits.

The payment is based on the monthly income of the retiree. It is not affected by inflation, the beneficiaries will receive the stipulated amount.

Eligibility For The Military Survival Benefits

The military survival benefits are open to any member of the family of the retired personnel as assigned by him or her. The entitlement has six categories of people that are eligible for the package

A. The spouse

B. The spouse and children.

C. The children

D. An ex-spouse

E. The ex-spouse and children

F. Spouse, ex-spouse, and children.

Beneficiaries have to be from any of the categories listed above. Anyone outside the list here is not eligible for the benefit. The spouse and ex-spouse receive the same entitlement as long as they were one of the beneficiaries. All the children receive the same amount of money till the age of 18.

What Is The Duration For Receiving The Benefits

The benefit is lifetime access to the deceased family but with terms and conditions. The beneficiaries receive up to 55% of the retiree’s monthly income and a percentage paid for by the government. Any child of the decease that remains unmarried has access to the benefit of life.

A spouse that doesn’t get married before the age of 55 years will receive the benefit for life. The benefits will stop if the individual gets married before the age of 55 years.


The military survivors benefits is an insurance policy that caters to the financial security of the family of a demise military official. The payment is higher than a life insurance policy. The stipulated benefits are paid irrespective of inflation in the country. The beneficiary of the survival benefits cannot change except in rare cases such as remarriage or the death of the beneficiary. The policy only covers children that are within the dependable age bracket i.e. under 18 years of age, and covers for the lifetime of a disabled beneficiary of the deceased.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take before beneficiaries receive the survivors benefits?

As a beneficiary of the survivors benefits package after you must have notified the commission of the demise of the officer. Once all necessary documents filled and signed as will be demanded. The payment will start within two months i.e. 45 – 60 days.

2. If a member dies while in active service, will the family receive the survivor’s benefits?

The survivor’s benefits will be given to the deceased family if he or she had served in the military for at least 20 years. If married the spouse will be receiving the entitlement.

3. How much will each of the deceased children receive?

The deceased children receive an equal amount of money till they are 18 years old. The amount received will be focused more on children younger than 18. In a situation where the deceased had a disabled child, the person will receive the benefit for a lifetime if he or she remains single and social security will not be paid from the money.

4. Will a spouse that remarries receive the survivors benefits?

If the individual remarry before the age of 55 years, the benefit will be stopped.

Military Survivors Benefits – Know More

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