How Do I Claim My Carphone Warehouse Insurance?

In today’s society, the way that science is evolving and digging its roots further into our society then danger has us all surrounded. What this means for the next generation and the elderly is that they are more prone and vulnerable to a high proportion of crime. Therefore, some elders say that having insurance is the only safe way to make sure that you have backup funds stored. Let’s know how to claim my carphone warehouse insurance.

How Do I Claim My Carphone Warehouse Insurance?

This is especially vital in the sense that having insurance even on your electronics can end up helping you a great deal. Here at Carphone warehouse, the clients are easily able to claim their insurance on any of the electronic devices that they own. 

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How to claim?

You could say that with all the technological advancements, using the internet to carry out any task has been the easiest way of working. Well, the same applies to the Carphone warehouse, as any buyer can now claim their insurance through the online method. 

However, the following things are required for your insurance claim to be approved 

• Protection plan number 

• Purchase date/Receipt 

• Personal details (login details) 

• Insurance details 

How do you claim the insurance from the Carphone warehouse through the online method? 

This is an easy-to-follow guide; login into your Carphone warehouse account and go to your purchases. Sometimes there can be a section that could say something along the lines of ‘Insurance claim’. Then select the product that you want to claim your insurance from and there may be a button that says, ‘claim insurance’. They may ask for some sort of proof of identity depending on the location of the Carphone warehouse. If your phone has been misplaced then just contact the crime number from the local police and get in touch with the network of the phone and backlist the phone as well. 

Will this still be accepted and allow for your claim to proceed further? 

Yes, but you may still be required for more information and details for the process to proceed. Still, you need to provide the correct details for the process to be faster. 

In-store you go 

What if you cannot claim your insurance through the online method? 

This national company has also provided the opportunity for the customers to be able to easily claim their insurance by going to any Carphone warehouse store. The way to do this is by visiting any Carphone warehouse store that is local to you. You can ask for help from the employee at the main desk or if there is no one then ask another employee. They will ask you a couple of things which are listed in the beginning. 

Are these all of the things that you must have present? 

Yes, as it’s significant that the electronic devices are present with you that you are claiming the insurance. If not they may need to bring up the picture on their digital device or call someone else for help. Yet, this will further elongate the process and make it further difficult for you to claim your insurance. Let’s suppose that this does happen, there are some cases where the applicants may have to revisit the Carphone warehouse when they have their electronic device with them. 

Calling to your rescue 

You cannot even claim the insurance through the store method as you have left your electronic device at home. No problem, you can directly call the Carphone warehouse on their number which is listed on their website at 0800 049 0221. 

What steps would a customer need to go through here? 

Yes any customer can easily follow the following step-step guide 

• Call the number 

• If asked then press to be directed towards the customer service 

• Your detail (at the top) must be with you 

• Give all the details asked 

What about if the number is not picking up? 

You may need to re-try a couple of times.


Any client can easily go to the main website of the Carphone warehouse, to the section ‘make a claim’ then they will be presented with all the details on how they can easily make an insurance claim. These include directly calling each store, logging in to their account, and making the claim through there or they can visit any store and claim their insurance at the customer help counter. However, the clients must have all the required details (check the first section) and their electronic devices. 

  • What happens if you do not have the required documents or details needed? 

Then the employee can pull it up digitally regarding that you have remembered your details 

  • Are the number for the Carphone warehouse the same for all stores? 


  • Where can you acquire more information on claiming insurance at the Carphone warehouse? Check their website Is insurance on all devices? 


How Do I Claim My Carphone Warehouse Insurance?

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