How To Claim o2 Rewards?

Every business has a particular marketing strategy designed to effectively generate more customers and to solidly hold on to and nurture the existing ones. Some of these strategies include, cash back, give aways or reward plans. In this article, we will be considering a kind of rewards system, the o2 rewards and how to claim it

How To Claim o2 Rewards?

How To Claim o2 Rewards?

Let’s read further to find out How To Claim o2 Rewards?

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O2 rewards is a new loyalty program that rewards you for using your O2 phone, tablet, or SIM!Go to and click on “Go to my account.” 

You’ll be asked to log in with a registered email address and password from your phone or computer. 

You’ll also need to provide some personal information like:

– Name

– Address

– Phone number

– Billing zip code. 

Then you will be contacted about your rewards.

O2 Rewards

O2 rewards is a new loyalty program that rewards you for using your O2 phone, tablet, or SIM! This loyalty program rewards you for your spending habits on the O2. You can earn points on your purchases made with an O2 card, which you can then redeem for cash or gift cards. The best part is that you can use your points whenever you want. Whether you’re looking for a new pair of socks or want to book an overseas trip, O2 rewards has the perfect reward for you—from free tickets to concerts and events to discounts on your favorite products.

Who’s Eligible?

You’re eligible if you’re a UK customer who has an eligible O2 product in your possession. 

O2 Reward Categories

O2 Rewards is a loyalty program for the mobile phone and mobile data industries, where you can earn points for every dollar spent on O2 Pay. 

They’ve got two different categories:

-Phone: You get points for every dollar you spend on your phone plan. 

You can use those points to redeem items from their online store or their physical store in London. 

For example: if you buy an iPhone XS Max, you’d get enough points to cover the cost of the phone.

-Data: You also get points for every dollar you spend on your mobile data—but not just any old mobile data. 

This includes all of your data usage on O2’s network, both postpaid and prepaid customers. Points can be redeemed as cash at the O2 Rewards website.

O2 Rewards Limitations

The O2 rewards program is a great way to earn credits that you can use to get discounts and special offers in our store.

But there are some limitations:

-You need to be a registered member of O2 Rewards, which means you have an account with O2. If you don’t have an account yet, please follow the instructions on the O2 website to create one. 

-You need to spend at least $20 on your order before being able to receive any rewards. 

If you spend less than $20,you wont get any credit for the purchase. 

You can use this money to get something else from the O2 store and nowhere else, except specified. 

Summarily, the O2 rewards system is on in which the client is given back a percentage of their purchase for points on a giftcard so they can pick up offers meant for grabs. 

How Much Exactly Is An O2 Reward? 

An O2 reward is calculated using percentages.  The total of your purchases is summed up every three months and depending on how frequently you topped up your O2 account, you will be given 5% to 10% back. 

You cannot withdraw this amount in cash, but you are free to save it up for discount on a new mobile device, tickets to a concert or many such activities – as long as they are available in the priority app. 

What’s The Priority App?

You can carry out all your O2 transactions on your priority app. This app is sleek, user friendly and it is embedded with all O2 has to offer. What is more? You can spend your O2 rewards directly on the priority app. 

Here are some ways to do so:

– Exclusive offers: These high priority offers in the area of discounted food drinks and shopping. 

– Prize draws: As the name imole, you enter these prize draws to win awesome prizes and all ylu need to do is register with O2. 

– Priority tickets: Have you ever had a friend in event planning and you got wind of a concert from them before time, say 48 hours before time, well, priority tickets is that friend, because that’s what happens in this section of the app. 

– Priority entertainment: This section of the app provides with free magazines, movies amd channel 4 shows every other month for free. 

How Can I Download The Priority App? 

The priority app is available on Apple and Android store, so you cannhead over there and just download.  Alternatively, you can text PRIORITY to 2020.

How To Claim o2 Rewards?

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