The 5 Best Bargains On Costco Food Court Menu

Costco is a positively rated retail store that provides multiple services. It contains highly discounted wholesale food products and a wonderful food court as well. Costco’s Kirkland Signature products are considered among the best food products to buy because they are owned by Costco. let’s know The 5 Best Bargains On Costco Food Court Menu

The 5 Best Bargains On Costco Food Court Menu

Costco food court bargains are one of the elite things about Costco. Its affordable prices are the main characteristic of Costco’s food court menu. These prices can make you the biggest fan of Costco. They are providing high-end meals such as hot dogs with a fizzy drink, roasted turkey sandwiches, and fruit smoothies with amazing discount offers.

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2022 Costco Food Court Menu Items 

The basic USA-based Costco menu is mentioned in the table below. The menu choices may vary from store to store, but there will not be a big difference. because they don’t compromise on their quality and taste. The recent menu includes the following items:

Food itemsPrices

Beef hot dog or polish with 59 ml soda
1.5 dollars
A roasted turkey sandwich3.99 dollars
Bake chicken2.99 dollars
The beef brisket sandwich4.99 dollars
A full pizza9.95 dollars
A Slice of Pizza1.99 dollars
Berry Sundae1.65 dollars
Fat-free yogurt1.35 dollars
Fruit smoothie or Latte Mocha freeze2.99 dollars
Churros1.45 dollars

However, the menu prices may vary due to inflation and food budgets, but you do not need to worry because Costco food courts did not cause a sudden shift in their prices, they just increased a few amounts.

The 5 Best Bargains Of Costco Food Court

Bargains are a great choice for everyone at Costco’s food court. And who would spend extra dollars on the same thing when they can have it at a very discounted price? Likewise, if you are tired after shopping in the Costco Wholesale store, then you should go to the Costco food court nearby.

According to Costco food court fans, the best five bargains on the menu are mentioned below that cause a cult-like following in the food court.

  1. Everyone’s Favourite Pizza

This food court menu offers 3 different flavours of pizza that include cheese, pepperoni, and customised. You will get one slice of pizza for just 2 dollars, and the entire pizza will cost you just 10 dollars. On top of that, they serve free pizza toppings too.

  1. A Healthy Fruit Smoothie

This smoothie will surprise you by making you a fan of it. It is the best way to gain energy if your grocery list is too long. Its super quality is that they use no added flavours or processed sugars, which makes it a healthy option that everyone should opt for. And you can get this smoothie for just $3.. That is pretty insane.

  1. Baked Chicken

Kirkland’s signature brand is one of the best reasons to go there. Its quality has made it the best of all. You can get a baked chicken roll or a chicken sandwich. It is one of the best bargains of all time at just $3..

  1. Wholesome And Nutritious Salad

It is so hard to find a healthy choice in a market full of junk and fast food. But, you will be amazed that Costco’s food court menu has also included this super-nutritious salad in their menu. It is made with chicken, tomatoes, cheese, and Caesar dressing. Choose this refreshing salad for just $4..

  1. Tasty And Twisted Churros

Churros are considered the best bargain on Costco’s food court menu. They are freshly made and when you take a mouth-watering first bite of hot churros, they will make you fall in love with them. And the price of them is just 1.45 dollars.

Other Costco deals under $2:

If you have a sweet tooth and want to kill your cravings then Costco food court desserts under 2 dollars will surely get your attention.

  • Ice cream bar for $1.50
  • Waffle cone for $1.50 
  • Hand Quart to go $1.65


Costco food court is the best way to fuel yourself with energy whenever you are planning to go to Costco. Whether you are going for groceries or some other purpose, its discounted and delicious prices will surely stop you from paying a visit to the food court before doing anything.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Which is the best food item to buy from the Costco food court menu?

Costco’s food court menu has a wide range of menus but some of the most preferred items include a hot dog, chicken bake, fruit mix, latte mocha freeze, and a double cheeseburger.

2) Is the Costco food court pizza worth all the hype? 

A big yes! Costco food court thin crust and crispy pizza is a must-try. Cheese and pepperoni are the two best available options for pizza lovers. The priority of Costco is to provide quality-controlled fresh products. Fresh cheese is used to make this delicious pizza.

3) Do u need to purchase a membership to buy at the Costco food court menu?

Well, there is good news for Costco food court menu lovers. You don’t need to buy a membership to eat at Costco food court. 

4) Why are the Costco food court hot dogs so good?

The best quality and delicious taste put Costco food court on the number one list among other food courts. Its hot dogs are very popular among people due to their high-quality food standards. They contain no preservatives and no artificial sweeteners.

The 5 Best Bargains On Costco Food Court Menu

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