Xula Pet Policy-Let’s Know

The Xavier University of Louisiana has various policies and amenities that help the students of the campus lead a peaceful life during the study period. The University also has certain policies that help specially challenged students.  The Xula Pet Policy mentions that service animals have the freedom to go to all the areas allowed for the general public. The areas include the public dining halls, library, registrar office, etc. The emotional support animals (ESA) can only go to restricted areas. let’s know Xula Pet Policy.

Xula Pet Policy

Service And Emotional Support Animals

The Xavier University of Louisiana (XULA) works in all ways to create a generous and cozy living space for students who are a part of the university. 

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The university complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Fair Housing Act, which prohibits all kinds of discrimination based on specially challenged and imposes commitments upon the University to allow the use of service animals and emotional support animals treated as peers for students with disabilities. 

The service and emotional support animals are not to be considered as one and the functions of each can not be changed. 

Service Animals

A service animal could be a dog or a miniature horse as identified by ADA which is specially trained to do a particular task or service that is directly related to the handler’s disability. These animals are particularly trained to help their handler. 

The service animals are open to going to all areas that the general public has permission. If a particular specially-abled student wants to bring a service animal to the university, they should go through the ODS Service and Emotional Support Animal Policy for Students once. 

All the animals that will be accompanying the students on campus should be registered with ODS. Once the student has registered with ODS, the faculties of the student will be informed in advance that the particular student will be accompanied by a service animal in the class, laboratory, etc. 

ODS registration also helps the student in the process of obtaining a Xavier University ID badge for their service animal. The ID can be obtained at free of cost. The ID contains a photo of the service animal, the handler’s name, the service animal’s name, and also mentions that the particular service animal is an ODS-approved animal. 

Responsibilities Of Service Animal Handler

  • The service animal should be completely under the handler’s command.
  • The handler must take care of the cleaning feces of the service animal when it’s on the campus.
  • The handler must be more careful with the service animal’s safety in case of lab environments. 
  • The service animal should not be left alone without the handler.
  • There should be a special identification with the service animal that differentiates it from other animals.

Emotional Support Animals

An emotional support animal is different from a service animal, an emotional support animal is not expected to undergo formal training. These animals provide emotional support and companionship for a specially challenged student. This reduces the impact of disability mentally. 

The emotional support animals do not come under the category of service animals concerning ADA so these animals are permitted only in certain areas. 

The emotional support animals are covered under the Fair Housing Act and may have restricted access to the residential environment.

Responsibilities Of Emotional Support Animal Handler

While having an emotional support animal, the handler must follow certain guidelines. These guidelines include 

  • The handler must be sure of the health of the animal and should have taken the necessary vaccinations.
  • The animal should not be a threat to the safety of others.
  • The handler must make sure that the animal is house-broken.
  • The handler should have full control of the animal.


The Xavier University of Louisiana provides all the facilities to make sure that the students have a comfortable and peaceful study on the campus. The XULA pet policy adheres with ADA and FHA which allow possession of animals inside the campus. The only condition for possessing animals on the campus is that the handler must follow all the guidelines strictly. And the works of service and emotional support animals should not be interchanged.


  • What is mandatory for a handler to possess a service animal on the XULA campus?

The handler must have the animal’s vaccination certificate, licensure, and ID tags with the approval of state/local ordinances.

  • What should be done to have an assistance animal in residential halls?

To have an assistance animal in a residential area, the handler must fill out the Housing Documentation Request Form.

  • What should be done to have an assistance animal in class or laboratory?

To have an assistance animal in a residential area, the handler must fill out the ODS Form.

  • Is it mandatory that the service or assistance animal should be accompanied by the handler?

Yes, it is essential that the handler must always be with the animal.

Xula Pet Policy-Let’s Know

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