YouTube TV App Crashing-Know More

YouTube is a platform to watch online videos, create your videos and even share them. YouTube was launched in 2005 and since then it has become one of the most visited sites on the Web with around people watching 6 billion hours of videos every single month. Over 80 live TV stations, as well as on-demand TV series and movies, are available on YouTube TV, a streaming service. One of the best online streaming options is YouTube TV. However, the YouTube TV app may crash, freeze, or buffer as all other internet-based services.Let’s know about YouTube TV App Crashing.

YouTube TV App Crashing

By having access to YouTube on TV, you can view the content on a much larger screen with the use of smart TVs. YouTube may suddenly freeze, crash, or buffer, and is there anything you can do then? If YouTube keeps crashing, freezing, or buffering on your smart TV, you might want to switch it off and turn it back on again, make sure you are connected to the internet and you have a good amount of internet speed, maybe your TV software needs an update, or you might want to delete and install the application again. Users of all ages can browse and upload video content to an interface on the YouTube platform, which is accessible from almost anywhere in the world. The ability for smart TVs to access YouTube through their app stores increased the value of this accessibility. There are numerous features available on YouTube, however, if you have a smart TV and YouTube frequently freezes or crashes, you need answers. If your YouTube keeps crashing again and again you might mean that your TV has less memory space or cache data is blocking the TV app from running. Otherwise, other applications might also create problems for the app to run smoothly.If your YouTube is not working on your smart TV, there can be several reasons for that:

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  1. Limited memory
  2. Network turbulence
  3. Signal Strength is Weak
  4. Data Cache Blocked
  5. The application is out of date
  6. Install YouTube again
  7. Clear the App Store’s cache
  8. Outmoded television software
  9. YouTube TV Mod
  10. Various Mod App
  11. Another TV problem

Solutions to YouTube freezing, buffering or crashing

Restarting your smart TV is, first and primarily, one of the most often fixed and simplest methods. Restarting the device helps to dump cache and frees the storage space which allows the app to run smoothly. To restart the TV you can simply just switch off the TV from the main source, or just press the power off button on the remote control. Another reason why the YouTube app may crash the network instability. For the app to run smoothly you must have an internet connection that is smooth and stable no matter what TV you are using. Make sure that your device is connected to the internet, reset your router and modem and then plug them back in and allow it to completely reboot.

Internet Connectivity and YouTube

You can check the speed of your internet by checking its speed through speed tests. You might also want to close and reopen the TV app. If your Wi-Fi has good internet speed and the app still crashes on your smart TV it might require a software update on your smart TV. Searching for an accessible update is important because a smart TV with outdated software can be the main cause behind application issues. After this previous step, if it still may not work, then you might want to delete the YouTube app and reinstall it. This allows the corrupted data inside to delete and may help in running the app. Junk files called cached data accumulate when using the YouTube app. If YouTube TV crashes frequently try restarting your device, launch YouTube TV, and try again after clearing the cache. 


YouTube is a worldwide platform for streaming videos online for free. One problem that many people face with YouTube is that its TV app crashes no matter what brand TV you are using. There are several ways through which this issue can be resolved such as turning off your TV and restarting it, checking for a stable internet connection, updating your device, clearing cache data, deleting and reinstalling the application, and many more. After doing all this, if the problem still arises, you might want to contact your TV service center complaining about this issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to update my YouTube TV app?

Ans. Search for YouTube in the play store or app store, depending on your TV’s operating system. When you click on YouTube, an update icon will appear; click on it. That’s all; your application will receive fresh updates shortly. 

  1. How to clear the YouTube cache on TV?

Ans. After selecting “settings,” choose “app settings.” Search for YouTube there and select it. Afterward, select storage. You can now choose to “Clear Cache.” It can be clicked to clear the cache.

  1. Why does YouTube TV keep going black?

Ans. Due to the big cache and hardware acceleration, the screen continues turning black and green. Clear the cache of the YouTube app and try to run it again as a first step in fixing it. Turn off “Hardware Acceleration” in the browser’s settings if you’re using the browser to stream YouTube.

YouTube TV App Crashing-Know More

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