Philips Tv Volume Not Working

What is Philips?

Philip is one of the famous companies developing classic devices, including bulbs, televisions, and radios. A TV from Philip Company is the best in the market with a significant percentage using it. It has the best quality sound system and remains the top TV brand in the market. This Tv has a rating of over 91%. Let’s know why Philips Tv volume not working. 

Philips Tv Volume Not Working

Why is my Philips TV volume not working?

Most Tvs are accompanied by good audio speakers that are clear. When the sound system is not working, it becomes uncomfortable to watch a TV since one wants to hear the people on the screen talking. One will know when the volume doesn’t work because when they try to increase or decrease the volume, the sound system will not work. If the volume is not working, the problem can occur due to this scenario:

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  • TV software is not up-to-date. 
  • If the volume is muted and you don’t have a clue
  • The sound system setting is not set to external output
  • Media issue – the channel you are streaming may be having sound problems, and it is recommended to change the channel to see if the volume control works. 
  • Suppose there is an obstruction of the IR sound signal from the remote. Any gadget may be blocking the path of the remote to control the volume on your TV.

You can start to troubleshoot where the problem is when you find the volume is not working for a Philips Tv. Firstly switch to another channel to see if you can control the channel volume, check if the Tv speakers are all set and working correctly, and ensure the proper location of the Tv is selected in the setting menu. After checking all these requirements, continue with restarting the TV.

TV volume error can occur in two significant ways:

  • No sound at all
  • No change in volume.

Suppose there is no sound on your sound system. The problem can occur in various ways:

  1. The volume can be muted, or the sound system device may malfunction and not connect properly. The speakers will not produce any sound when you try to increase or reduce the volume.
  2. Check if you have a jack on your audio port. Remove it, and the volume control will start to function.
  3. Try to update the Tv software since this can be a software problem.
  4. Check if the volume buttons or volume controls are working. Working on a volume control can damage your volume controls; hence if you try to raise or reduce the volume, no sound in the system is detected.
  5. Check to see if the speakers are working, and you can do this by testing the default audio test file in the setting of Philip TV.

In some cases, one can hear the sounds on the speakers, but when you try to increase the volume, it is not working. This problem can be a problem with the hardware of the volume control. Another cause of these misbehaves the sound driver being outdated. The sound driver needs to function to reduce the malfunction of volume controls. 

What to do to get the volume control working?

Volume control is one of the best tools you require to have a compelling TV in your home. To restore your TV volume controls after problem identification, first and foremost, you should restart your TV and check if it will, then check if all other audio systems are working. If you cannot repair the error, reach out to user support. The user support will help to find a solution. Otherwise, you can decide to take the TV to a technician to be checked and repaired. 

Do TV volume control failures affect volume control in a remote?

One solution you can have is to use a remote volume control in case the volume control of the TV is not working. The failure of your volume controls on your TV does not entirely affect the working of your volume controls on your remote.

How to connect external audio devices to a Philip TV?

The steps of connecting the Philip TV are straightforward: connect the cable that is connected with your speakers to the audio output of your TV. Then test it using the volume control.


All electronic devices will fail in one way or the other, and the need for repair will be necessary. Philip TV having volume control and other features will depend entirely on those features to function without dissatisfying the owner. The volume controls, one of the significant features of a Tv, can fail to function and can therefore be repaired. It is recommended to check all working solutions before you conclude your TV volume control is broken. In case of further assistance, you can check assistance from a nearby TV technician and look for a TV for you, and also can visit the company website and request assistance from user support. 

Philips Tv Volume Not Working

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