Pokemon Oreos eBay 10k Buy NFT Instead-Know More Abou It!

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I think it is fair to say that the world is nothing like it was a mere decade ago. One need not look further than consumer behavior and market trends over the past couple of years to see this variance. With the onset of social media, products have been marketed and propped up by influencers and big Multinational Companies, inflating prices and adding an artificial value to seemingly mundane things, like the Oreo cookie in this case. Started as an offshoot merchandising option for the world-famous animated series “Pokemon” this has caused a sensation amongst the fans of the show. The rarer the Pokemon on the cookie, the more sought after and expensive it becomes.

Pokemon Oreos eBay 10k Buy NFT Instead-Know More Abou It!

This increase in demand has increased the prices of the cookies to the tune of up to $10000, bringing in investors with significant experience into this market. Trading mostly via platforms like eBay, this cookie is so expensive that extensive research and the general public’s interest have been focused on finding ways to store and preserve a perishable item like this. Hence considering the risks, why should you invest all that money into a cookie, why not an NFT? 

Pokemon Oreos

The Pokemon oreos ebay 10k collection craze has been inherent in our community ever since we were introduced to the animated series and buy NFT. Brilliantly one may add, the company utilized a collector’s item merchandising technique that seems to have stuck despite all these years, first beginning with collectible cards and slowly branching out ultimately to this version. 

Introduced to the public as part of a limited edition sale in September of 2021, the Pokemon cookie has quickly found a market in the resale platforms. Due to its limited availability within stores, the cookies that sold at $4 now selling at over $20 on these platforms. However, the real investment opportunity in all of this is if you are lucky enough to get one of the rare Pokemons like Mew in your packet of Oreos. These then can be resold from anywhere between $5 to $10000 to even $100000!

Why Buy An NFT Instead?

As exciting and wild as collecting these cookies may be, it is undeniable that this sort of investment is highly risky given that the product is not only perishable but is also very volatile in its pricing. With no base or holding price for the product, you might end up losing a lot more money than you will ever make on such a deal. Furthermore, there is a probable chance for fraud or even damage to the cookie during the changing of hands of the product given its vulnerability to the elements of nature. 

However, as a potential investor, what’s more, important is to identify a safer way to invest such huge sums of money. If you are a Pokemon fan, then it is not too difficult to get a hold of a Pokemon NFT and if you aren’t a fan, then there are millions more to choose from. Bottom line is that you are now investing in a more stable market. It is important to realize however that even NFTs are subject to the changing trends, but given their more secure storage and stable market prices, it is far safer to invest in them. 

For Pokemon enthusiasts who spend time searching and finding the rarest of merchandise, the NFTs can be a great investment. With multiple designers coming out with limited edition Pokemon products, digital Pokemon characters, and other such lucrative products, life as a collector does not end with the physical market anymore. With the added advantage of universal portability and almost unbreachable security protection, your hard-earned money and investment will be safely protected in your digital wallet.


Therefore, it is in your best interest to put your hard-earned money into something far safer and more substantial than just a cookie. The craze has died down just as quickly as it started, but once you invest in an NFT, the market remains in place for you to expect an appreciation on the investment in relatively less time given the ideal conditions. Of course, it is only sensible to take all this advice with a pinch of salt, since NFTs themselves are a new way of trading and are only slowly making their presence felt in the world. Hence a cautious eye on all proceedings will be your greatest friend while analyzing where you want to put your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

When did the Pokemon animated series start?

Developed by a company in Japan, the series began releasing its first animated series episodes back in April 1997.

On average how much does an NFT of Pokemon cost?

The costs may vary since there are no official Pokemon NFTs but the third-party NFTS cost anywhere upwards of $1000.

Which is the most sought-after Pokemon?

Mew and Mew 2 are the rarest and most sought-after Pokemons of them all.

Pokemon Oreos eBay 10k Buy NFT Instead-Know More Abou It!

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