How To Dispose Of A Microwave?

Artificial Intelligent has made our life easier. Now we can do things we never imagined we could, we can go places we never imagined existed and we can explore the potential of the world with the help of technology. Whatever we do, directly or indirectly technology is involved in it. From getting ready in the morning to preparing breakfast, we do need a helping hand with technology. Like any other Man-made product, technology also has a limited lifeline. Electrical products are made of different metals, wires, and plastic. Thus, it is obvious that these technological products also become obsolete with time. When these devices (like computer, refrigerator, mobile phones, etc.) turns into waste, it is in the form of metal and plastic. This residue is also known as E-Waste. Let us know about that the How To Dispose Of A Microwave?

How To Dispose Of A Microwave?

How to dispose of a microwave?

Like any other electronic device, an obsolete microwave is also a part of E-Waste. With technological advancement, the invention of the microwave brought a great revolution to our kitchens. It helped us in inventing new and efficient forms of cooking techniques in the world. As technology is upgrading day by day, the life of various electronic devices is getting smaller. The life of a microwave is not more than 5-years due to technological advancement. In the USA, most people use microwaves, and every year they generate a lot of E-Waste. You should know that this E-Waste that you are generating is hazardous if dumped carelessly and blessing if used in recycling. If you want to dispose of your microwave or any other electronic device, you can opt to give it to the recycling hubs. Ask the manufacturer if they have any E-Waste control program or can give it to a landfill.

Ways to dispose of your microwave while taking care of the environment 

Even though E-Waste consists of just 2% of the total waste, it is very hard to ignore that it is the most toxic waste disposed of recklessly and promotes pollution. It is important to treat E-Waste carefully to avoid hazardous situations. To dispose of not only microwaves but any other type of electronic device while taking care of the environment, you can use these ways:

Donate your old microwave 

Rather than throwing your old microwave, you can donate it to those who cannot afford it. By doing this, you will achieve two things. first, you will contribute to the welfare of society, and second, you will get from contributing to spreading pollution.

Give it for Recycling 

Rather than dumping your microwave, you can give it for Recycling. Recycling is the best process through which we can achieve sustainable development. If you give it for recycling, they will convert it into something useful again, which will prevent you from generating toxic waste.

Ask the manufacturer if they have E-Waste management and control-plan

Generally, technology manufacturers have an E-Waste management and control plan as their CSR initiative. As a manufacturer of electronic devices, it is their duty to also provide measures to control the waste their product will generate in the future which will affect society. You can give your old microwave back to them and they will dispose of or recycle it carefully.

Give it to dump in landfills

It is not an appropriate way but if any of the above measures are not possible or your microwave is completely determined and is not in a condition to be used by others, it is acceptable to give your old microwave to landfills where it will be dumped.


It is our planet and we must keep it clean. Dumping old microwaves or any other electronic device carelessly not only meteorites our planet but also is the reason for birthing many chronic diseases. This E-Waste contributes to problems like global warming and acid rain which acts as a toxicant for our nature’s health. To contribute to sustainable development and help in making the lives of our future generation brighter proper E-Waste recycling and management is crucial. As a manufacturer it is important to understand that selling your product does not transfer the responsibility you have as a human, living in this society and using its resources. It is important to full fill your CSR initiative through E-Waste management to make this world a better place to live in.

  • Can you put a microwave in a rubbish bin? 

It is the best way to dispose of your old microwave if it is completely damaged and you cannot reuse it by fixing it. You just put it in a rubbish bin and send it to a landfill or wait for a pickup by the municipality. It is hazardous to dump E-Waste carelessly so take care of it so that you do not dump it in a way it creates turmoil. 

How To Dispose Of A Microwave?

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