What Is Lowe’s?- Everything You Need to Know

Lowe’s is a branded American retail company with its headquarters in North Carolina, the United States. They sell products like home appliances, hardware, tools, building equipment, paint, gardening machines, kitchen appliances, commercial appliances, ice makers, cooktop or stove tops, garbage bags, pet care items, microwaves, washing machines, books, magazines, clothes, beverages, electric plugs, board games, and so on. Unlike any other shop, Lowe’s would be your one-stop-shop, where you can buy anything and everything to call your place, a home. Let’s learn about ‘What Is Lowe’s?’.

What is Lowes

What Is Lowe’s?

In this article, you will get to know about Lowe’s credit card offers, military discounts, and procedure to apply. 

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Does Lowe’s offer a military discount?

Yes. they offers an everyday military discount to all the armed forces who are active military, retired, and their spouses. They get about a 10% discount on full-priced items every day without any annual limit. Their motive was to honor their service and show them gratitude. You can easily order equipment in-store and online, without having to worry about the package. You may not be able to apply Lowe’s Military Discount on products that are already on-sale items or have a discount. It only applies to selected items. 

it is officially ranked as the top five military-friendly brands by Military Friendly in the US. They are also known for offering job opportunities to welcome the veterans with pride, and they also provide them with a parking space. 

How to enroll for a Lowe’s military discount?

  • Go to the website Lowes.com/military/validation
  • Click on the ID.me to verify yourself
  • Follow the given instructions to complete Lowe’s third-party verification process
  • Create MyLowe’s Personal Account through the website or sign in to your existing profile 
  • Provide your current address and do
  •  You will see status verified on your dashboard

After this process, automatically you will be able to view the verified status of your account. If you purchase online, you can directly use this account for a discount. If you purchase from a physical store, you can convey your phone number, and your valid photo to verify the discount. (For photo identification, you can provide your driver’s license, defense identification card, federal-issued card, or a passport. Though you may not be asked for it online, make sure to carry a photo identification while purchasing from the store. 

Who is eligible for the military discount?

  • Any armed forces who currently serve or have served are eligible for this discount
  • Spouses are also eligible 

Keep in mind that veterans who have dishonored the community and have been discharged are not eligible for the Lowe’s Military Discount. Also make a note that even though you are eligible for the discount, you may not be able to use it if you have purchased a sale item that already has the everyday discount. You cannot apply for it if you purchase big appliances, accessories, electric items, gift cards, and delivery. 

Does Lowes provide any credit cards?

Yes. Lowes offers their customers a variety of credit cards apart from the deals and discounts on the tags. Lowe’s uses credit card bureaus such as, 

  • TransUnion  
  • Equifax 
  • Experian 

These credit cards at Lowe’s are issued by Synchrony Bank. Once you have applied for a credit card, Lowe’s will pass through your financial details to one of these credit bureaus to cross-check your eligibility. As soon as the system randomly chooses one of the three, you will be provided with a credit card. 

What is required to apply for a credit card at Lowe’s?

  • To buy a credit card, you need to have a minimum of 640 credit score
  • Make sure to have your social security number handy
  • Your current contact information 
  • Other personal details to pass the eligibility check like your name, address, financial status

Are there multiple credit card choices?

Yes. You can choose any type of credit card you wish to get for shopping. You can apply for a credit card from your local Lowe’s store at the customer service desk. 

Here are some options, 

  1. Lowe’s Advantage Card 
  2. Lowe’s Business Advantage Card
  3. Lowe’s Business RewardCard
  4. Lowe’s Commercial Account Card
  5. Lowe’s Preload Discover Card 
  6. Lowe’s Lease To Own Card

What are the lifetime benefits from the card?

Apart from paying the sales tax, you get a 10% discount once you apply any discount coupon. New cardholders get over 20% off on purchases up to $100 if they shop on the same day they buy the card. They also offer a 5% discount every day on both online and in-store purchases. They also provide special financing (auto loans) if you purchase over $299 for about six months. Users paying for around 84 months get a reduced annualized purchase rate of 7.99 on shopping done of $2000 or more than that. Credit card holders do not get charged any annual fees. Lowe’s also offers a 20% discount on the delivery if you pay using Lowe’s Business Card. 


You can now purchase any home improvement item you like to buy without worrying about its cost. Lowe’s is a one-stop-stop for every item that may decorate your home, and is popularly known for offering the everyday discount. Especially for people from the armed forces, Lowe’s has a separate discount policy to thank their hard work and efforts. 

What Is Lowe’s?- Everything You Need to Know

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