Eero Router Review-Know More

The perfect router that provides you with a wifi connection in every direction of your home without causing any drop-offs. It makes the most of your space and enables you to stream games, watch 4k resolution videos, and hold video conferences simultaneously without worrying about buffering. But what is it that makes the Eero router so different? Here we will see about Eero Router Review

Eero Router Review

Eero Router Review:-

Eero Router has a seamless setup process, blankets the entire house independent of the size of your house, provides a wifi speed ranging from 150 Mbps to over 1gbps, and also offers automatic security updates keeping your network safe. Overall the best go-to wifi router, ready to fulfill your network demands.

Easy Set up:- 

Eero router is compatible with your existing internet service provider as well as your existing router. Set it up within minutes by merely downloading the eero router android or IOS app and connecting the router to your modem via ethernet. And done, now all you have to do is to decide where to place your eero devices for the best connection. 

Mini Unobstructive Design:-

With the build of 3.9 inches square and 2.4 inches tall, eero devices are minuscule and therefore easy to hide. Each eero unit has two-gigabit ethernet ports on the rear, packed compactly allowing for it to have an overall small profile. 

Wifi Coverage:-

Eero router’s mesh units working together can provide wifi coverage across 4950 square feet of house area. A single unit would cover approx 1500 square feet. Relying on a dynamic routing algorithm and real-time data eero devices work together harmoniously and leave no drop-offs or dead spots. 

What Makes Eero different From A Range Extender:- 

Traditional wifi range extenders increase the range of your wifi so that you can get a wifi signal even when you are not close enough to the router. However, they also can cut your wifi bandwidth in half resulting in a slower network connection. Also sometimes these extenders might broadcast an entirely separate network which means you have to constantly switch between two networks and experience changes in wifi performance. Eero router on the other hand links all your eero devices under a single SSID providing one with multiple access points. This lets the user freely move around without experiencing dead zones. You can add as many eero devices as you need to eliminate all the drop-offs.


Eero router offers a reasonable and affordable price. The basic eero 1 pack providing 350 Mbps wifi speed costs 69$ whereas their most advanced and newest eero pro 6E 3 pack supporting up to 2.3 Gbps speed costs $699. It works with both wired and wireless products. 

Are There Any Cons? :- 

Despite all these good points, there are inevitably certain features of this router that might be problematic to some users. 

  • Eero device due to its lack of speaker, microphone, and audio amplifier is unable to perform as a smart speaker falling behind its competitor Nest Wifi and Orbi Voice. 
  • Only available in white color. While its minimalistic design does look sophisticated, some customers might be disappointed at the lack of any other color options. 
  • Unlike a typical porter which offers around four ethernet ports, eero routers leave you short-changed with only two ports. 

With all the pros and cons of the product listed, one would say the pros outweigh the cons and it’s one of the best mesh technology wifi routers in the market if not the best. The product website offers a quiz to help you choose the right system for you by asking a few simple questions, such as your house size, desired wifi speed, and so on. Do check that out if you are considering buying this product!

Frequently Asked Questions:- 
  • Is it possible to restrict my kids’ wifi usage via this product?

The thoughtful design of the eero router application indeed allows parents to create profiles for devices and schedule pauses just in case you have a house rule of no internet after 9’.

  • There are a few dead spots in my house, what should I do?

Most probably this means the eero devices in your house aren’t enough for whole-house coverage. Contact the eero support team and install the required number of devices to get rid of those dead zones.

  • Someone else is using my wifi, how to make my network more secure?

Ahh, the old problem of strangers taking advantage of your wifi! No worries, go to the advanced settings in the eero router app, click on connected devices and block the devices you can’t recognize. Easy peasy right?

  • How many eero devices should I buy?

For small apartments and most homes (homes with under 3 floors), you will see the best results with the eero and eero beacon packages. For larger homes, your best bet is a purchase of a mix of eero packages. 

Eero Router Review-Know More

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