How Much Is HBO Max A Month Starting At?


HBO Max is an OTT video streaming platform that has a bundle of promoters creating the content for HBO Max. This OTT is owned by the one and only Warner Bros and discovery with headquarters located in New York City, USA. At present, HBO Max had over 76.8 million subscribers all over the world. Let us know about “How Much Is HBO Max A Month Starting At?”

How Much Is HBO Max A Month Starting At?

The films streamed are sourced from various productions like Warner Bros pictures, universal pictures, summit entertainment, 20th-century studios, adult swim, CNN, cartoon network, comedy Central, sesame workshop, HLN, HBO, DC entertainment, the CW, GKIDS, hello sunshine, cartoonito, bad robot productions, boomerang, Crunchyroll, TNT, TBS, Sony pictures, TV Globo, sky TV, rooster teeth and manny.

HBO Max is available in different plans with epic movies, interesting series, and hit movies at $9.99 per month and $99.99 for a year which includes ads. The one without an ad costs about $14.99 per month and for a year it’ll cost around $149.99 

HBO Max Packages

Apart from the standard packages, HBO Max is available through various other streaming platforms like Roku, Hulu, Amazon fireTV, DirecTV, and many more.

You can download the HBO Max app and log in or sign up and enjoy their shows from Google Play Store, apple’s app store, Amazon AppStore, Roku channel store, and Samsung TV too.

Other than these platforms other tv and network providers like Hulu, DirecTV, AT&T, Cox, Xfinity, YouTube TV, optimum, Verizon FiOS, ziply fibers, north state, liberty, service electric Cablevision, consolidated communications, cricket wireless also provide HBO Max along with their bundle packages. Local cable and satellite providers for each state and province of the United States also provide HBO Max channel subscriptions. Even universities provide HBO Max service at their college dorms and cafes. Some notable universities include southern University, California, San Diego State University, Greensboro, western Connecticut State University, NYU, NYU- Brooklyn, Marymount University, Missouri University, Massachusetts college of liberal arts, rice University, Manhattan College, Elon University, Pratt Institute, Iona College, etc.

Plans And Prices

If you are choosing DirecTV stream as your HBO Max platform then you should know that it is included in the premier package or the one with $14.99 per month. Note that you get 3 months of free HBO Max with CHOICE at $90 per month or the ultimate one for $105 per month or the premier one for $150 per month.

Xfinity streams HBO Max for the same amount as DirecTV stream i.e 14.99 dollars per month. It doesn’t have the HBO max included in its package. You’ve to subscribe to HBO max separately as an add-on only.

Hulu+ live TV streams HBO Max for again the same $14.99 per month. Hulu is one of the best streaming platforms after YouTube TV.

YouTube TV along with optimum provides the exact same thing with the exact same package.

Cox has the channel included in preferred plus and ultimate packages or the 1-year free one. Cox provides HBO Max in its

preferred plus pack at $118 per. A month or the ultimate plan at $ 138 per month.

Spectrum SLS HBO Max service at $15.00 per month with its selected pack of TV, internet, voice package, and select internet gig.

Hulu is the most demanded service for HBO Max inclusion under the “must be added to the package” filter.

Apart from these TV service providers, HBO Max is also available along with a selected mobile network and internet providers. Among them, AT&T is the best one to choose because you get HBO max as long as the plan exists,. The plan is the unlimited elite plan. This plan gives you 100 GB of data and along with these days, you also get HBO max for Free.


HBO Max subscription starts at $9.99 per month and you can get any streaming service that includes HBO Max along with its existing plans that include other channels too. That is a better and optimal way to utilize your money too. With exciting shows and thrilling series, HBO Max attracts its viewers and has over 70 million loyal viewers at present.

  1. How many devices can use one HBO Max account at the same time?

The HBO Max allows up to three devices to stream its shows at the same time.

  1. What are the devices that are compatible with streaming HBO Max?

Basically, all the different smart TVs like Amazon fire TV, Samsung TV, Roku, LG smart TVs, Apple TVs, Android TV, Vizio smart cast TVs, and Google’s Chromecast tv are compatible. For computers, the chrome Os, windows PC, and Mac OS are accepted.

  1. Can you stream HBO Max on a PlayStation?

HBO Max can be streamed at select gaming consoles like PS4 and 5, Xbox series x|s, and Xbox one.

  1. Is HBO go still available?

No. HBO GO was Removed from primary platforms in America.

How Much Is HBO Max A Month Starting At?

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