ThredUp Vs Poshmark- Know More About It

Do you possess clothing that is too fine to donate but that you are unsure of what to do with? Two of the top websites for buying and selling old apparel are Poshmark and ThredUp. Although both are excellent choices, it can be challenging to select the one that is best for you. To help you choose wisely where to sell your lightly used products, we’ve put together this blog article and Let us know more detail about ‘ThredUp Vs Poshmark’.

ThredUp Vs Poshmark

ThredUp Vs Poshmark

We are aware of how challenging it may be to determine which website would provide you with the greatest selling price for your items. By offering a thorough assessment of each marketplace in terms of design, usability, various delivery options, payment options, and more, we hope to be of assistance.

We also offer some advice on how to maximize your profit while using either service to sell your clothing online. So continue reading if you want to know what we think about the Poshmark vs. ThredUp argument and which is best for you as a seller or buyer!


One of the many online marketplaces that connect you to the local population of people looking to buy and sell clothing is Poshmark. With only a few taps on your phone, you can browse listings in your neighborhood or offer items for sale.

Sellers photograph and list their goods, including clothing, accessories, and shoes. Then they sell and ship with a pre-paid label after sharing them with their active Poshmark buyer network.

Customers can discover tailored advice from stylists and, after making a purchase, receive clothing via priority mail in two days.

Recycling and sustainability are important to Poshmark. To stretch their budgets and do their part for the environment, they advise shoppers to consider buying used goods first. Poshmark enables trade offers (exchange your jeans for a new dress, etc.), so the options are virtually limitless. You can sell your clothing for cash or credit.


One of the biggest online marketplaces for the resale of women’s and children’s clothing is ThredUp. They collaborate with more than 1,400 well-known brands and constantly have more than 2.5 million products available for purchase.

In a clean-out bag, new sellers send in lightly used apparel that is clean and free of stains, odors, and missing buttons, as well as handbags, shoes, and accessories (or clean-out kit). ThredUp looks through them to identify the top-notch items, then lists them online.

Piece-by-piece pricing is available when you shop on Thredup, and they even have a “wildcard guarantee” where, if they can’t locate the item you sent in (after five tries! ), they’ll send you $25 in ThredUp credit.

Difference Between ThredUp And Poshmark?

Customer base

You can buy and sell your goods on Thredup and Poshmark, two online secondhand marketplaces. Poshmark gives you immediate access to fresh inventory among curated vendors, but ThredUp offers a larger selection of products for sale. This is the biggest distinction between the two.

Availability of a mobile app

Poshmark also has an app that makes it simpler to shop while on the go. ThredUp, on the other hand, is currently working on a mobile app but does not yet have one.

The fees

Both websites provide consignment services, but Poshmark gives you more control over the prices at which each of your products sells, in contrast to ThredUp, which sets the prices at which each item is offered for sale. Additionally, ThredUp deducts a greater commission from products that sell: 50% as opposed to Poshmark’s tiny commission of 25%.

Seller’s Protection

Posh Protect, which guarantees complete coverage to its sellers under the condition that all packages are scanned into the USPS tracking system and use Poshmark-provided labels, is a service that Poshmark offers to protect its sellers.

Because ThredUp is the platform that provides the things to its customers, the seller’s protection functions differently there. Sellers are urged to take advantage of the Assurance Fee, otherwise unsold and unqualified things are upcycled through third parties or Rescue Boxes, if they submit their clean-out bag and want a guarantee that they will receive the unlisted or unqualified items.

The effort as a seller

ThredUp provides ease to sellers by processing their clothing on their behalf until the products are placed on the platform. After delivering their clothes and checking their accounts for updates, sellers are not needed to put forth any effort. However, bear in mind that not all products that sellers include in the clean-out bag are listed and sold on ThredUp due to its own high quality rules.

On the other side, selling on Poshmark gives sellers a chance to interact with other users. Features like self-shares, community shares, following, relisting, and joining virtual parties will help you raise your visibility and draw new customers to your closet in order to increase your sales. Poshmark bots like SuperPosher are useful if you have numerous listings.

Shipping of Items

Poshmark offers simple shipping, with three options available to sellers for how much their listings will cost to ship. Either they pay the full cost of delivering their products and provide free shipping to the customers, they give cheap shipping with bundles, or they charge the customers the full cost of shipping. Additionally, Poshmark offers a set charge of $7.45 for USPS delivery of items weighing 5 lbs or less.

When it comes to the item’s shipping fees or shipping reductions on ThredUp, sellers have no influence. Because ThredUp manages all listings, the platform also pays for shipping. ThredUp offers flat-rate $5.99 delivery and offers bundling for a set fee so that customers can take advantage of free shipping.

Overall, Poshmark and ThredUp both have strengths that make them worthwhile to check out. It’s now up to you to choose which one suits you the best!

ThredUp Vs Poshmark- Know More About It

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