Visio Alternative-Know More

Visio has become a popular and powerful tool for making different forms of diagrams. You can construct not only simple but even complicated diagrams by using this Microsoft application. Moreover, it offers various features and functions that make it a hit app at the corporate level. But do you know that there are a lot of other competitors to Visio? There are other programs and applications whose suitability ranges from small businesses to large enterprises. Let us know more about that the Visio Alternative-Know More.

Visio Alternative-Know More

The best alternatives to Microsoft Visio mentioned in this article are EdrawMax, SmartDraw, LucidChart, Pencil Project, and Creately. If you are also seeking the best alternatives to Visio, this guide can assist you.

Best Alternatives To Visio

The trend of using Visio started when people started using complex animation in presentations and websites. Continue reading the article to know what Microsoft Visio is and the top alternatives to Visio so that if you are looking for one, you can choose the best one. There are a lot of Visio alternatives but not all are better than Visio. But here we have picked the most popular Visio alternatives which are as further described below: 

Edraw Max

Edraw Max is one of the most suitable alternatives because it is not only user-friendly but also available for all the leading platforms. It offers hundreds of readymade templates and symbols which can be used to make more than 280 different types of diagrams.

You can also directly import your Visio projects to EdrawMax and customize your diagrams as you want. It offers features like macOS version, custom themes, clip art gallery, shape drawing toolkit, and others that are either absent or restricted in Visio. It supports platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, and online. 


SmartDraw is one of the great alternatives to Visio and is best for large enterprises. It is designing software that you can use for processing documents, strategy planning, and managing projects. In addition, it has an easy-to-use interface compared to other similar tools.

It comprises a wide range of templates and symbols that can be utilized to design, and it can also work well with other software like Word and PowerPoint. With the use of software, it is easy to share files with others simultaneously. In addition, you can use it to make flowcharts, organization charts, and project charts alone with visuals for creative representation.


Another amazing alternative to Visio which is best for medium enterprises is LucidChart. It is widely used by reputed MNCs and IT industries for making diagrams as it is a very easy tool to use. It has many inbuilt floor plans and different Android setups and mockups.

It has a wide range of shapes and options that enables users to add shapes, containers, and other connectors to make designs. The interface of both the versions of Microsoft Visio are beneficial and have more likely similar interfaces. But, the professional edition has additional benefits like additional templates, complex diagrams, and various layouts. One of the best things is a free version is available for using LucidChart and the advanced features come in an upgraded version which is also cost-effective.

Pencil Project

If you are a beginner and currently you do not have any Visio tool on your list then Pencil Project might be helpful for you. It is a similar tool that performs such related works so can be used as an alternative to Visio. It is a versatile tool that you can use very easily as it can be used on various platforms including Linux, Mac, Windows, and others.

It can not only be used for small projects but also big projects as it is not only suitable for the new intern but also for pros in diagramming. One of the notable options in this tool is through which you can search for anything from different sites on the web.


Another amazing Visio alternative for large enterprises is Creately as it is the easiest way to draw flowcharts, mind maps, organized charts, and UML. It is an award-winning diagramming tool that is known for its ease of use and is combined with unique features.

It offers features such as one-click create and its connect feature helps you to draw diagrams three times faster in comparison to other software. It has a lot of colored palettes including PNG, JPEG, PDF, SVG, and others which are based on themes along with thousands of professionally designed templates. It also offers smart objects for intelligent diagramming which makes the work easier. 


Visio is a widely used tool that helps companies with designing. However, if you are looking for an alternative to Visio then you can select one from the above list as per your requirement. The above-mentioned list is the top Visio alternatives that can help you with the creative design and development of your business. So we hope with the description provided, it will be easy for you to choose the appropriate Visio alternative tool that can incredibly help you with diagrams and designation in the modern digital world. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a free alternative to Visio?

Ans. Microsoft Visio is a component of the Microsoft Office family. OpenOffice Draw is an open-source Visio alternative that is also its free competitor. It offers everything for free with no limitations or restrictions. It offers various tools that enable you to make quick sketches or intricate workflows.

2. Does Google include a Visio app?

Ans. Yes, is a completely free online diagram editor which is inbuilt into Google drive. It enables you to create flowcharts, entity relations, network diagrams, UML, mockups, and many other things.

3. Is LucidChart better than Visio to use?

Ans. Microsoft Vision operated to represent data diagrammatically and by using other vector graphics. LucidChart is considered a far superior option to Visio which is just a traditional flowchart software. The things which make LucidChart the best are its simple layout, ability to build complex flowcharts, and easy sharing. This is the reason it is better than Visio.

Visio Alternative-Know More

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