What Channel Is PBS On Antenna?

The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) is an American public broadcaster and television program distributor. The company has its base in Arlington, Virginia. The PBS is a nonprofit organization that is funded by the public. It is the most important and key provider of educational programming in the US. It was founded in the year 1969. An antenna is a device used to transmit radio and television signals. You can watch many shows for free with that antenna. Let us know ‘What Channel Is PBS On Antenna?’.

What Channel Is PBS On Antenna?

What Channel Is PBS On Antenna?

The PBS is available on the antenna in the nationwide US, Canada, and Northern Mexico. The Public Broadcasting Service has more than 350 members of television stations. The different antenna stations have different channel numbers for PBS.

Shows On PBS

In the year 2012, PBS began to organize many of its prime time shows which were mostly on a genre-based schedule. It means that a particular day was assigned for broadcasting different shows.

PBS also started broadcasting children’s programs in the morning and afternoon schedule. It also helped the children to get educated with the help of programs along with a little entertainment. PBS and its various stations are very long connected with many educational programming guidelines that were set by Federal Communications Commission after the Children’s Television Act that was issued in the year 1990.

A few popular shows that are aired on PBS are Grantchester, unforgotten, masterpiece, The chield in time, prime suspect, my mother, and other strangers. Nowadays, many paid customers have stopped using antennae because every content is available for free on the internet. The customers need the writing antenna to receive the local channels.

Scanning And Rescanning The Antenna Tv

On HD KLVX, the PBS channel comes with the name PVC on channel 10.1. Similarly, WMHT HD comes with the name PVC on channel number 17.1. It is available as PBS and PBS Kids on NMPBS with channel numbers 5.1 and 5.2 respectively. On KRMU DT, it comes with the name PBS on 20.1. On KENW SD, PBS comes on 3.2. On LPBHD PBS comes on 25.1. While on KACV HD, PBS comes on 2.1.


Firstly, you need to auto-tune from the TV to the converter box control menu to start the scanning process.


After the scanning is complete, you will have to wait for a few minutes and the TV will do it automatically.

PBS Channels

PBS Kids

It broadcasts programs that have children’s TV shows. It was launched as a 24/7 network in 1999 that was dissolved in 2005. It was then later again revived in 2017.

PBS Kids Go

It is a former part of PBS Kids which aired from 2004 to 2013. It was only for 6-13-year-olds. A 24/7 network was announced in the year 2006 but was never launched due to financial issues.


It is a high-definition programming feed that is available to PBS member stations.

PBS Satellite Service

It is a 24-hour network feed that provides a mixed variety of programs that are selected from the main PBS service.

Why Is The PBS Channel Sometimes Not Available On An Antenna?

When you watch the PBS channel on-air using the antenna, sometimes the people are not able to receive the signal and watch the channel on their TVs. This is so because the frequencies change with time. To watch the channel all over again, you will have to rescan the TV.

Any person can watch the previous channel in many ways, in case you do not have an access to the channel on the antenna, you can subscribe to its YouTube TV. You can use the PBS video app, which is available on various platforms. You can also use the lone signing bundle that gives access to PBS.

The PBS channel is changing the location of the antenna and upgrading them so that it will increase the coverage area. The PBS SoCal will increase the coverage area, which will be quite beneficial for the viewers. It will also provide hassle-free viewing.


The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) is available on different channels for the different antenna providers. You can get an antenna installed and watch it anytime. Though the channel can sometimes differ among the customers because of the change in its frequency. You can even contact your distributor in case you face an issue. You will also have to contact the provider to know about the channel number of PBS in your particular antenna.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I am using the antenna, then will it give me access to the PBS channel?

Firstly, you need to purchase an antenna and then turn to the local broadcasting channel. It comes in the category of free TV. If you are not getting it, then you should contact the provider.

How to receive the PBS channel?

You can get access to the PBS channel through the member stations. You can also go to pbs.org/video. Along with this, you can also check the app available on both Android and iOS.

What Channel Is PBS On Antenna?

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